Sunday, December 21, 2008

We are getting more and more excited for the time we will get to spend with family during Christmas. We will be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Aubrey's family, and the following week we will be enjoying the snow in Reno, Nevada! We are looking forward to meeting Jared's siblings and their families in Reno, spending lots of time with them will be really fun! Aubrey is a little nervous about all the snow, since her only time being in snow has been brief. Jared, however, is exteremely excited to spend lots of time in the snow that he dearly missed this year in Arizona. He is hoping to go snowboarding so that ought to be fun for him to do again.

Today we are attempting to make sugar cookies. Last night Aubrey made the actual dough, and chilled it overnight. So we are very excited to make our first Christmas cookies today. It will be fun to decorate them, but we are more anxious to see if they are tasty :) We will have to let everyone know how they turned out! Merry Christmas!

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