Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We spent Christmas Eve with my parents in Phoenix, where we sang Christmas carols, looked at Christmas lights, and even put in a good word with Santa(Jared's idea). We also got to participate in the anual Christmas program-where we acted out the night of Jesus' birth. Jared and I were Joseph and Mary, so that was a lot of fun-and no I am not pregnant, it's a basketball.

The day following Christmas we spent playing the wii with my family. I was excited that I beat Jared in the boxing game, though Jared wasn't too thrilled so we did a rematch and he won! We would make a good team!

These Christmas lights were really neat, there were three houses and each house was decorated differently with different characters in the front. One had disney characters and it was really cute. One was the north pole with santa himself outside handing out candy canes.

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Eric and Rozanne said...

That first picture surprised me for a second with the big belly! :) You two make a cute couple. I'm glad you had a good Christmas.