Monday, January 19, 2009

Silly Jared!

For Christmas I gave Jared a nerf gun, as well as myself(for self defense). So these past few nights have been spent hiding under beds and ducking behind furniture with bullets flying everywhere. Jared is by far the better shooter, I have gotten hit in the head countless times now, but I have to say that my aim has gotten better. Friday night, Jared thought it would be fun to turn off the lights and shoot at eachother. I found out that I was actually better in the dark! Anyways, its been a lot of fun! Its been hilarious to see Jared acting like a seven year old ducking, spinning, and jumping all over the place. Apparenly we do have a child in the house!
Jared's pride and joy....he named it "the shark." if you look closely, you can see that he drew that on there, so we can tell who's is the "better gun"

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Eric and Rozanne said...

Sounds like fun. That would be a fun family activity downstairs in the dark. We'll have to try it some weekend! How do you find your darts?