Saturday, February 14, 2009

We are moved in!

The movers packed up all of our stuff on Monday, they started around nine and they didn't finish everything until five. And straight after that we went to a FHE bbq that our ward put on for us leaving. We appreciated what our ward did for us. But, needless to say it was a long day, I was up at five thirty that morning to continue packing and Jared was up shortly after. But everything went well and we got all the cleaning done fast, so we were grateful that everything went smoothly. Monday we drove up to Phoenix to see my family before heading out. We were sad that we couldn't hang out longer since we had gotten up there so late. But we got to spend some extra time with my dad Tuesday morning before we took off. We both were crying as we were leaving Arizona. It was tough for us to leave the only close family we had nearby, to go somewhere where we don't have close family.
The movers brought us our stuff Wednesday morning and were done before noon. We spent the whole day unpacking and with both of us working hard, we had mostly everything unpacked by that night. We were exhaused! Poor Jared was helping the movers carry boxes in and up our steep flight of stairs, so his muscles were all sore. But we are all settled in now, and have only two boxes left to unpack! I am so thankful to our Hevenly Father for allowing the moving process to go smoothly.


Hybrid Goomba said...

We miss you too. You need to put some pics up of the apartment!

Eric and Rozanne said...

Hey guys! It sounds like everything went like clock-work. I wish it was still that easy for us to move. :) I can't believe you got everything unpacked that day. It took us weeks, literally! We still have a few boxes that aren't unpacked. Tell Jared thanks for calling Alex. He really enjoyed talking to him and appreciated his advice. That was SO thoughtful! We love you guys! Good luck in CA! We miss you!

Brewer's Ink said...

It looks good! We miss you too!

Alisa said...

Yay I found your blog! Your house looks fantastic!