Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Nine Months Hunny!

Saturday the 14th will be the ninth month that Jared and I have been married. I can't believe it's already gone by that fast, but it has! Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to tell Jared nine things I love about him....

1. Your smile & laugh- no matter how bad a mood I am in, hearing you laugh makes me so happy

2. Your hard work- no one can argue that you are the hardest worker. Everyday you go to work happily, even though you know it will be a long day. I know it's hard to go when I get to stay home, but I appreciate that you continue to work hard for us.

3. Surprises- you are full of surprises! Though they are subtle, I love how you will do little things for me like cleaning the house, or doing dishes. I really appreciate it!

4. You're so sweet- you are always so concerned about my safety, and want to make sure I get enough to eat, etc. You worry more about me than yourself always.

5. You love to explore- i am soooo thankful I married you because you love to try new things! I am so boring and stuck in routines, and you pull me out of that and show me how to find new things to enjoy. Even though I growl and grumble, just know that I truly appreciate it about you!

6. You initiate- i hated dating guys who didn't have a brain and couldn't make a decision! You are perfect because you decide something and we do it!(unless i have an objection)

7. You decorate- i love how this house is beautiful.....because you made it that way! I don't know the first thing to decorating, and you make our house look like a model home. Thank you for making it cozy!

8. You're helpful- you're not lazy, you help clean, wash, and pull me out of moods. Most wives complain about their husbands not helping, but i NEVER EVER complain about that!

9. You're You!!- More than all of the wonderful qualities you have, I love you because you are you! And that is the most beautiful aspect about you!

I love you Jared, and happy anniversary baby!


Barry and Jeanni said...

I agree with you Aubrey- he is pretty special! I also love how Jared takes advantage of the area he lives in- he will make sure that you explore, travel and learn all the cool things their are to learn about in Ca.

Rachel & Bobby said...

Aw, yes. You guys are a perfect couple. I love it. I wish you were around to hang out with!!!