Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Wednesday we went shopping in this really big outdoor mall in Irvine(30 mins away). We actually didn't end up getting more than a shirt each, but it was fun to spend time together looking around.

The girls decided they wanted to go back to the beach, they had had so much fun the day before. So back to the beach we went, not so lucky with parking spaces unfortunately, but it ended up being just as much fun as the day before. The girls got worn out faster though, so they worked on their tans for most of the time. We tried to stay for the sunset but it started getting really cold around 5 so we retreated early. Jared called not too long after we started hiking back to the car, telling us that we were missing the most amazing sunset he'd ever seen. The girls were dissapointed...

That day the fog was really bad, but despite the groggy weather, all four of us met up with Nate(Jared's friend from BYU) and went out to a sea food place and went biking out along the beach. It was really chilly, but it was fun to go biking around. Jared and Nate enjoyed the chance to catch up on their new lives. It was fun for me to see Jared with friends that he knew before he met me.

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Wilson said...

I remember visiting that beach when I was San Diego with friends before my mission. How crazy!