Monday, April 27, 2009

More pictures

Jared at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with the fish swiming in a circle above him. TJ, Sunny, sleeping Kalin, and Jared all outside the aquarium.

Aimee and Toby's family in their backyard.

I couldn't download all the pictures at once, so here are some more to look at!

Carpinteria, Monterey, and Lompoc

This weekend we got to do a lot of fun things. Thursday night we met up with TJ, Sunshine, and Kalin in Carpinteria where Jared and TJ used to live. We had a lot of fun eating, playing volleyball with the Cardenas's, and visiting the beach.

Then next moring we got up, ate, and headed up to stop off at Aimee's house (one of Jared's sisters) on the way to Monterey. Aimee and their family live in a little town off the road called Lompoc. It was a friendly and quiet neighborhood and they said they really enjoy living there. This was the first time that I got to meet their family, but it was fun for Jared, TJ, and Sunny to catch up with their sister and family since they hadn't seen them in years. Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay long before we had to head back on the road, but it was sure fun to see them! About 2 hours later we drove into Monterey and the boys started getting really excited seeing all the old places where they grew up. It was fun to listen to them telling Sunshine and I all the stuff they used to do, and being able to match the stories to the actual locations. That night we met up with Jared and TJ's friends from high school. They had a blast reminissing with all their friends, and they were all really fun people to hang out around. The only regrets Jared has is that we forgot to get a picture of him and his buddies before leaving. What a bummer- I feel so bad for forgetting!

Saturday we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and that was so much fun! It was so neat to see all the pretty fish, seahorses, and animals. They had a great kids center, and it was fun to see Kalin having a blast with all the things to do. We ate lunch at the famous Bubba Gumps (from the movie Forest Gump) in Cannery Row. I was surprised at how fun the resturant was, it was all themed from the movie so it was fun to see how they put it all together. That night we went to the warf where there were SO MANY boats everywhere! Including a pirate ship from 1812 that is still used today because it is a fast little ship. I enjoyed the warf the most, it was fun to see all the small stores and to eat at a seafood resturant. I got the king crab legs...that were actually from the show "Deadliest Catch" from the discovery channel! They were so big!! They only served two, I was a little disapointed- but I could barely finish the second one becasue they were so big!

Sunday we went to church and attended the ward that Jared and TJ used to go to as kids. They had a lot of fun running into people they new, it was fun to meet people that used to be apart of their lives. On the way home, we got to stop by Aimee's house one more time and see their family. We also stopped and ate in Carp. and got there in time to sit in the car and enjoy the sunset. What a great trip! It was so fun to meet new people, and see all our family members so much!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thank you Sunshine!

Our family, TJ and Sunshine with their son Kalin came to visit Tuesday night before heading up to Santa Barabara and Monte Rey for a little vacation. We so enjoyed having them, and it was great to get the practice of having a toddler in our house- we discovered our apartment is not "baby proof" in the least bit! But Sunshine taught me the greatest trick ever..and I am so excited to start using it with everything! When I mentioned that the pants I was wearing from our engagement pictures were too tight and very uncomfortable, she told me about the rubber band button trick. You take a thick hair tie and loop it around the button hole, then wrap it around the actual button WITHOUT having to leave your button undone! So it still looks like you have your pants buttoned up, and you can still wear the same pants, and the greatest part is that it is SO COMFORTABLE!! I should also thank my other sister-in-law, Jessica since she taught this wonderful trick to Sunshine! I am so grateful I have so many women in the family that have great tricks that I don't know about yet. Let me know if anyone else has anything else to share!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Just to keep everyone posted on what's going on with our little baby Bass, I decided to blog some new develpments. I went to get my checkup today and got to hear the heartbeat for the very first time! I wasn't expecting that, so that was a nice surprise. I could hardly tell what was what, but the baby sounds like it has a very fast heartbeat and it started kicking and moving around shortly after the doctor was pushing on my belly. I think we have a wiggler!!

Everything is still going fine, I haven't really been sick which has been nice. I have been getting bigger- I was surprised to find that I couldn't fit into a skirt my sister gave me for Christmas. That was a shocker! I didn't think I was THAT big, but I guess its true, I have gained 2 pounds in the past three weeks. I was told today that we will be able to get another ultrasound at 20 weeks, (in about 6 weeks from now) so hopefully by that time we will find out if its a boy or girl! I can hardly wait! I thought it was a boy, but I had a dream that it was a now I am really confused what it is! Jared isn't really sure, but he is leaning towards a girl. Needless to say, we don't really have a clue, bute we will be excited no matter what sex it is!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

We're Pregnant!!!!

Well we have a new delivery on our way! The stork has come and we are thrilled!! We found out we were pregnant February 26 but wanted to wait until we were a little further along to make the announcement. We are three months along and due October 26 so the joke is that maybe it will be born on my birthday(Ocotber 18). No we don't know the sex of the baby quite yet, we are 12 weeks along and are told we can go to a place where we can find out as early as 15 week so we will hopefully find out soon! Just wanted to let everyone know our happy news! We can't wait to be parents!!!
We think the picture at the top of the fridge looks like a gummy bear- as our friend pointed out. But we think already, we have a pretty cute looking kid!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Park Adventures

It is one of my all time favorite things to do, to go feed the ducks. Don't ask me why- I just get a big kick out of it, and it relaxes me. We are lucky to have a big park across the street that has a pond with all kinds of ducks there to go feed. Yesterday, my friend Stephanie agreed to come with me and feed the ducks with the near-moldy bread I had been saving. We had fun seeing all types of birds including cranes, mallards, geese, and other birds I don't know the names of. But the best part started when we were done with the bread and walked around the pond. Look what we found!

These ducklings are absolutely the most adorable things ever! Oh I was dying to just grab one and take it home! I tried to zoom in so you can see how fluffy they are, they just look so soft. Unfortunately, they kept on coming up to us, thinking we had bread to give them. We felt really bad that we hadn't saved any. Had we known baby ducklings/geese were around the corner, we would have saved the whole bag for them! They were just too precious not to post!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I have a job!!

I have recently been interviewed with the Irvine School District for an Instrucional Assistant with Special Ed. I honestly didn't think my first interview went all that well considering that they weren't expecting me, and I couldn't remember the lady who had set up the appointment. But to my surprise, I got called in for a second interview. It has been a week since that second interview(experience in the classroom to see how you interact with the children well). So I was beginning to wonder if I had gotten the job or not, I was surprised to see their number on my phone Tuesday. So now I am working on getting all my paperwork done, getting fingerprinted etc. but I am really excited to start this job. I really enjoyed the classroom I did my second interview in, and that is where I will be helping out! It's only a part time job, 12-3 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. But it is a really good experience and I look forward to learning better techniques to helping kids succeed in school.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Something New...

Last night Jared suggested we did something different than just chilling at home after he got home. So we went down to Huntington Beach to go search out a swap market that comes every Tuesday. I wasn't expecting it to be too different than one's we've seen since coming here, but I was wrong! Along with the produce, authentic rugs, and kettle corn, we also found some interesting talent. A lot of singers/musicians, but there was also some guy who rode a unicycle and did tricks...and also rode a 12ft. unicycle! It was pretty cool, and scary considering he said he had fallen, and he faked everyone out a couple of times, acting like he would fall on the audience. But he was pretty entertaining.

There were also these two brothers who did tap dancing. They were my favorite becuase they did tap dancing to hip-hop music rather than the traditional kind of old music. They also did a lot of tricks that were very cool to watch. The only person I could compare them to was (Mom you would appreciate this, from all the years you made us watch this) from "the dancing man" off "The Lawrence Welk Show".

Jared thougth the guitarists were very talented, and the guy who sang about "Tucson, Arizona" was a favorite since we just came from there! Jared also got to eat Argentine empanadas- something he hasn't had since his mission. He said that they weren't as good as the way they are made in Argentina, but they were the real deal! We ran into our friends, Abe and Holly there so it was fun to walk around with them as well. We were happy we went exploring!