Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Something New...

Last night Jared suggested we did something different than just chilling at home after he got home. So we went down to Huntington Beach to go search out a swap market that comes every Tuesday. I wasn't expecting it to be too different than one's we've seen since coming here, but I was wrong! Along with the produce, authentic rugs, and kettle corn, we also found some interesting talent. A lot of singers/musicians, but there was also some guy who rode a unicycle and did tricks...and also rode a 12ft. unicycle! It was pretty cool, and scary considering he said he had fallen, and he faked everyone out a couple of times, acting like he would fall on the audience. But he was pretty entertaining.

There were also these two brothers who did tap dancing. They were my favorite becuase they did tap dancing to hip-hop music rather than the traditional kind of old music. They also did a lot of tricks that were very cool to watch. The only person I could compare them to was (Mom you would appreciate this, from all the years you made us watch this) from "the dancing man" off "The Lawrence Welk Show".

Jared thougth the guitarists were very talented, and the guy who sang about "Tucson, Arizona" was a favorite since we just came from there! Jared also got to eat Argentine empanadas- something he hasn't had since his mission. He said that they weren't as good as the way they are made in Argentina, but they were the real deal! We ran into our friends, Abe and Holly there so it was fun to walk around with them as well. We were happy we went exploring!


Wilson's Wonderful World said...

It's good you are taking advantage of these things. Jacob and I still talk about all the really fun things we did before we had kids. We still do fun things, but it's different.

Eric and Rozanne said...

Wow! That sounds very fun and entertaining and even free I'm guessing. You ought to go every Tuesday! :)