Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thank you Sunshine!

Our family, TJ and Sunshine with their son Kalin came to visit Tuesday night before heading up to Santa Barabara and Monte Rey for a little vacation. We so enjoyed having them, and it was great to get the practice of having a toddler in our house- we discovered our apartment is not "baby proof" in the least bit! But Sunshine taught me the greatest trick ever..and I am so excited to start using it with everything! When I mentioned that the pants I was wearing from our engagement pictures were too tight and very uncomfortable, she told me about the rubber band button trick. You take a thick hair tie and loop it around the button hole, then wrap it around the actual button WITHOUT having to leave your button undone! So it still looks like you have your pants buttoned up, and you can still wear the same pants, and the greatest part is that it is SO COMFORTABLE!! I should also thank my other sister-in-law, Jessica since she taught this wonderful trick to Sunshine! I am so grateful I have so many women in the family that have great tricks that I don't know about yet. Let me know if anyone else has anything else to share!

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Eric and Rozanne said...

I loved that trick too! I'm glad that Sunshine shared it with you before you went and bought new pants! Do you have the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" books?