Monday, April 20, 2009


Just to keep everyone posted on what's going on with our little baby Bass, I decided to blog some new develpments. I went to get my checkup today and got to hear the heartbeat for the very first time! I wasn't expecting that, so that was a nice surprise. I could hardly tell what was what, but the baby sounds like it has a very fast heartbeat and it started kicking and moving around shortly after the doctor was pushing on my belly. I think we have a wiggler!!

Everything is still going fine, I haven't really been sick which has been nice. I have been getting bigger- I was surprised to find that I couldn't fit into a skirt my sister gave me for Christmas. That was a shocker! I didn't think I was THAT big, but I guess its true, I have gained 2 pounds in the past three weeks. I was told today that we will be able to get another ultrasound at 20 weeks, (in about 6 weeks from now) so hopefully by that time we will find out if its a boy or girl! I can hardly wait! I thought it was a boy, but I had a dream that it was a now I am really confused what it is! Jared isn't really sure, but he is leaning towards a girl. Needless to say, we don't really have a clue, bute we will be excited no matter what sex it is!


Brewer's Ink said...

How exciting! Thanks for the update.
I was telling the girls about the Sunday skirt issue, and we all commiserated together for you. Rebekah wants you to be sure and keep the skirt though, because you WILL be able to fit in it after the baby is born. There's still hope.
We love you! And for what it's worth, the women folk in Arizona are thinkin' about ya :)

Eric and Rozanne said...

Isn't it just so fun to hear the heartbeat the first time and know that it is really REAL? I loved it when I started feeling them move...(which should be pretty soon). That was when the reality of it really hit me. It is cool having a little person inside you, it's like you're never lonely because they are always there.

Wilson's Wonderful World said...

Yay! I love hearing the heartbeat! For some reason, to me, it makes it all so much more real.

Erica said...

I want to see pictures of you with a belly! :)

Matt and Lisa said...

Congrats on the baby. That's so exciting. I'm glad you're feeling well and that things are going well. You two will be great parents! Matt and I are the same, and doing well. There's nothing too exciting going on for us which can be good and bad I guess. :) I'm going to add you as one of my friends so I can check out your blog. It's fun to stay in touch. Good luck with everything, can't wait for more updates.