Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kara's Graduation!

I can't believe it, my sister just graduated high school! I was lucky enough to get the time off so I could go visit my family for two days and see Kara graduate Sandra Day O'Connor HS. It was a really good ceremony, short and sweet, but was very well organized and nice to attend. They actually did it at the cardinals stadium(AZ state football team) and I was surprised at how big the whole stadium was. Kara has gotten really good grades her whole 4 years of high school and was in the top 10% for GPA. Great job Kara! We are all so proud of you!
It was really windy since a storm was coming in, so unfortunately it wasn't very nice for picture taking.

Bigger Bump

So last month(I admit) I probably looked to you like I hadn't grown at all. However, I hope with month four you can more easily tell how much I've grown. Keep in mind there used to be no bump there at all, so this is big news for me :) I would also like to mention that the pictures Jared took of me are in my first maternity outfit/dress. So far I am big enough to not be able to fit into my own pants, but I am not big enough to get maternity clothes yet. Its a very frustrating medium to be in, but whatever. So having and being able to wear a maternity dress is exciting business!
I would also like to add that thanks to Jen Seader's connection we now have a crib! Jen called me up and told me that a lady she knew was giving away a white crib and asked if we were interested. Of course we were, so we picked it up and Jared assembled it while I cleaned and washed the bedding they also gave us. We really like the crib and appreciate the family that gave it to us. Thank you Jen and thank you Patty...we love it!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Bump

I keep on getting requests to put up the pictures we have of me gettting are two we took probably about a month and a half ago. I thought I was big then, but a month later makes a big difference I have decided. At the rate I'm going, I am getting a little scared about how big I will end up! We need to take a picture for this month-its a big difference. Strangers are now looking and asking if I am expecting a baby so that always brightens my day. When we take more pictures I will be sure to post them!
By the way, the camera seems to make me look thinner than in real life. Just keep that in mind :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

16.5 weeks- 4 months along & going strong!

Jared and I went in for yet another appointment this week to see how our little munchkin is doing! Jared got to hear the heart beat for the first time, so he loved that. Once again, this baby likes to play hide and seek with the heart beat contraption, and as soon as the doctor would get a good strong beat...our little one would move around so we had to dig around to find it again! Silly baby! We got a surprise this week, the ultrasound lady had some extra time so she took us in to see another ultrasound(un-scheduled). I love seeing the ultrasounds they are so fun! But the baby looks bigger than the last time we went in (9.5 weeks) and we had fun looking at our wiggly baby. We got a good shot in between the legs-at this point it is looking like it may be a girl-but they can't see well enough to declare that its a girl...yet. At twenty weeks we go in again and will for sure find out(if the baby cooperates)! We also caught it in the act of either sucking its thumb, or picking its nose(that was the ultrasound lady's opinion). Everything looks great and healthy so far and we are so excited to find out if its a boy or girl!

For those of you who are asking, I am still feeling well, sometimes I completely forget I am pregnant because I don't feel all that different. No sickness unless serious hormonal imbalance counts(poor Jared) and I am getting really big-these pants won't last much longer even with the buttons undone. Anyway, excited to see that everything so far is going along well!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Nothing he can't do...

Jared has signed up to play church softball for a few months and he has played two games so far. Jared usually plays soccer, basketball, or football so I was a little surprised to find out he had willingly decided to commit his Saturday mornings to this. But boy was I surprised to see him out there playing like a champ! One thing I am learning about Jared is that he may act like he's not that good at something, or that its not a strength of his, but that there is literally nothing he can't seem to do well! This Saturday was a good game for the team even though they lost by six points. When I showed up with Holly Oyler to watch- they were down to 0-16 or something like that. But they pulled together and did really well the rest of the game! Jared caught some difficult balls in the outfield (jared dived and caught a ball that almost dropped because it was at the tip of his glove) and hit some really good balls that got his teammates to score some points.

I like to watch Jared out there playing with good men from our ward. I appreciate church sports for the opportunity it gives men to have fun together in a good(most of the time) environment. I like watching Jared joking around and having fun letting stress from the week off. I am so proud of him for giving softball all he has- even though he thinks its something he's not good at. But I want him to know that there is nothing he can't do....