Monday, June 29, 2009


For our one year anniversary we decided to head up to Solvang, Ca which is about 3hrs north of us. Solvang is a Danish community and so every restaurant, building, and hotel is themed Danish. We only stayed Thursday-Saturday, but it was a perfect time to walk around and see everything to do. Our favorite shop was one that had cookoo clocks in it (from Germany) which reminded us both of our grandparents who have one. It was a little tempting to get one for ourselves- though they were a little too expensive, I told the shop keeper that we would be back in twenty years or so. We also enjoyed looking through this huge antique shop that had so many neat things, from pianos from the 1800's to huge grandfather clocks worth more than a house. It was a really neat store to look around, and hard to leave because there was so much to see.

I think by far our favorite part of the trip was watching the play " Les Miserables" in an outdoor theatre called "Theatrefest". I wasn't expecting it to be as good as Broadway, but it was certainly a close second. The acting and singing was phenomenal and for it being such a small stage, they did really well with props and such. It was so fun for us to see, both of us had always wanted to see that play.

On the drive back, we stopped at Santa Barbara to visit some friends that Jared grew up knowing, and we also got to see the "Rods and Roses" displays they had in the street. It was cool to see all the old polished cars. I took a picture of Jared next to his favorite car. All in all, it was a great get-a-way from reality for a couple of days!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A couple weeks ago we found a brand new changing table for half price at a discount children's store called "Children's Orchard". The changing table was still in the box, which gave Jared the project of putting it all together. He did a great job, and made sure all the screws and bolts were very tight in the wood. What a great handy-man I married!
We are having fun finding things for our little girl and have been very fortunate to receive a lot of donations from people in our ward. As a side note, our little baby has been kicking a lot lately and recently Jared has been able to feel her when she gets kicking pretty hard. She is definitely a girl, so far her favorites(something worth kicking about) is brownies and mint chocolate chip ice cream. She is very active after I eat those things. According to the books, she is now a pound big, which brings me to 10 pounds total gained for 22 and 1/2 weeks. Our girl is getting big!

Thanks to all Jared's hard work, hopefully our growing baby won't be big enough to break this changing table! Great job Hun!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Sunday the fourteenth was our monumental one year anniversary! I can't believe that it's already been a year since we have been married, it doesn't seem that long ago that we were just dating, engaged, and newly weds. It has been a wonderful year of marriage for both of us. Most say that the first year is the worst-I won't say that it hasn't been a challenge trying to understand each other better-but I would say that my love for Jared has increased from those challenges into something wonderful. I know that each moment, memory, and year will only bring a greater appreciation for and deeper love that will always continue. I truly love my husband and know that he is the one that Heavenly Father lead me to and prepared me for. It took us awhile for us to start dating after we met(my fault) but looking back now, I can't help but think that I was being prepared to become a wife for Jared. He is my best friend, my mentor, my companion, and the one who I love dearly. I am so thankful that we were not just married for this lifetime, but sealed in the Lord's house for time and all eternity. Happy anniversary sweetheart and I love you.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's a........

Well we finally found out! The long anticipation is over.....its a girl!!!!! Now i can start shopping and getting everything ready! I am very excited to get clothes though-especially since girls clothes are always so precious! We are both very excited and its fun to watch Jared (he's turning her into a daddy's girl already) start patting my stomach and trying to feel her too. I have finally started feeling her now so that is exciting. Though to me, it still just feels like my stomach grumbling or little gas bubbles. But I am sure now that it is her since she kicked the ultrasound utensil and I felt her do it! So now I know for sure it is not just my stomach!

Yes, we do have names picked out already, but we are going to keep it a surprise. Jared and I decided that it will be good to keep it a secret and then it will be fun for everyone else when they finally find out! So everyone will just have to wait four more months! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

6 days left....

Well its coming up quickly, only 6 days left until we find out the gender of our little munchkin! Jared is convinced that it is a girl, I still have no clue, so I guess all we can do is just wait. A lady at a resturant insisted that my stomach "looked like a boy" so apparently that's what we are getting. At this point I don't care which gender it is, I just want to know!! People are asking almost everywhere I go now, and its getting pretty frustrating to have to reply, "No, we still don't know what we are having yet." But lucky for us its down to less than a week! We will be sure and let everyone know what we find out (granted our child cooperates). So until then...wish me luck with holding 32 oz of water down for a few hours on that blessed Wednesday morning!