Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's been going on...

Lately we have had a lot going on so I will just catch up with one blog. My grandpa and grandma Bywater came and visited us two weekends ago, so we gave them a tour of California and had a blast playing all sorts of games. We were so happy that they had the opportunity to stop by and see us, we had a great time!
Jared has been really busy with work and he's had to fly out of town last week and this week, leaving me lonely and missing him terribly. He has been flying out to the Boulder, Nevada airport and Salinas, California airport to oversee construction on the plans that they have been working on. Its always hard for me when he leaves(especially being pregnant- lots of tears are always shed) but he enjoys getting to travel a little and seeing friends that live somewhat nearby. (If you don't already know this about Jared- he pretty much has made friends at some point in his life that live in about every state, so that when we travel, odds are he knows somebody there. ) So I guess its a sort of a good thing for both of us when he leaves- he gets to visit friends, I get to buck up a bit.
I am currently at 30.5 weeks(31 on Friday)-only less than 10 weeks to go! YAHOO!!! The closer its getting to the due date the more fears and excitement I am acquiring. Its getting to that point where being this big isn't comfortable in the least bit anymore(yes i know it's going to get worse) so the only encouraging thought is that the baby will come and that will be fun(plus I'll go back to regular size where i can move easier). She is SO active lately, which hasn't gotten old yet. It's pretty distinct when she's sleeping and awake, because when she's awake...she's MOVING CONSTANTLY! I like it when I can feel her pushing against me, or when Jared gets to see her move across my stomach-its hilarious to see his reaction. Its getting to be fun to pick out clothes and things she'll need, and getting fun gifts that we can't wait to try out. Thank you so much Erin for the flowers...I cannot wait to put them on her little head!! Thank you so so much for sending them to us!!

That pretty much brings us up to date, hope all is well in all of your families-we love to "catch up" with everyone when reading their blogs.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Since being pregnant I've gotten more hormonal, more round, more backaches, more foot cramps, and more commentary than I've ever thought possible. These are my favorite comments(usually from strangers)- and ones I would certainly suggest not telling a cranky, sensitive, and un-humored pregnant lady.

1. "You're so small!" Thanks for that-not sure how to respond, is that a compliment?

2. "Are you sure you're not having twins??" This one is very contradictory to number one, but one I have gotten often. Which one is it- am I small or huge!?

3. "Are you sure you're not having a boy- you carry so low" Uhhhh....no I didn't really pay attention to the part in the ultrasound when they were pointing out what sex my child was. YES I'M PRETTY DARN POSITIVE IT'S A GIRL!

4. "Are you eating??" This particular comment came from a women in the checkout line at walmart mind you. I was not humored in the least bit- Yes, I am purposely trying not to feed my own baby.

5. "Due any day now?" Nope- but now that I feel really huge, let me go crawl in a hole for the next two and a half months...

6. "You already can't wear your wedding rings?!" Obviously not since they are around my neck- which I'm not taking off because if I do, then I will start getting comments (besides the looks) of "Are you a teen pregnancy?"

7. "Is this you're first?" This one makes me laugh just because I know I look young, so do I honestly look old enough to have a second child??? (Hence why I wear my wedding rings at all times)

I guess I shouldn't take any of these comments to heart- and at least people acknowledge that I am pregnant instead of ignoring the obvious fact. And I suppose I should just get used to it- I've heard once you have the baby...a whole new stream of advice comes flooding in. For now I'll try to enjoy the commentary.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Kara's Visit!

My baby sister came into town for the weekend on Thursday and left on Saturday. We had a ton of fun going to the beach, going on bike rides, eating frozen bananas, and staying up late watching movies. Jared took her and taught her how to body surf, and I was impressed at her perseverance. She was wiped out by the time we left the beach, but she was a great trooper! I felt like an idiot at the edge of the beach laughing hysterically to myself because it was such a funny sight to watch. I have to admit she did much better than I did my first time though, and I'm sure my experience body surfing would send even a stranger on a roller coaster of laughter. So Kara did really well!
I hadn't realized how much I missed her until it was dawning on me that she had to leave at the end of the weekend. That was hard to say goodbye since she is in school at BYU so I don't know when we will have the opportunity to meet up again.
Kara got to feel her niece moving around in my tummy- and that freaked her out a little. Jared and I both found it very entertaining :) Among the fun things we did, (upon request) we made homemade tortillas and white chicken lasagna, and banana nut bread. Apparently when you are a starving college student, homemade food is on the top of the list as far as "I miss it" goes.

It was fun to have her visit, and we were glad she decided to come down to see us for the weekend. We miss you!!