Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Jared's work put on a soccer competition between different offices/areas in Southern California Saturday. Being a long time player of soccer, of course this was an event he wasn't going to miss out on. Unfortunately, the beautiful parks and wonderful weather seem to go to waste around here as far as Jared is concerned-since we've moved here, he hasn't found any leagues, single adult groups, or anyone around here that plays soccer, and he's been missing it dearly. So he was very excited for this opportunity to get out there and play one of his favorite sports.
Jared did really well (I thought) though if you ask him, he thinks he could have played better. One good thing about my husband is he is always pushing himself to do better-though he doesn't ever give himself a break either. Despite how he thought he did, he bumped the ball on his head(very impressive :) ) and scored one of two points for his team during one game. Way to go Hun! His "Green" team played two games, which unfortunately they lost both, but I think the team had a good time getting out there and playing despite what the score board said. I was glad Jared got the chance to do something he loves for the afternoon- he deserves it after all the long hours he puts into everything else. Great job Hun and I'm glad you had a fun time!
**Jared is the one in the grey shirt and navy stripped pants.**

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Wilson's Wonderful World said...

Good for him! The weather does look gorgeous. I'm all bundled up right now freezing!