Thursday, December 17, 2009

Big Girl Already

Today Adelyn is 2 months old...8 weeks, and my how time flies! Her newest obsessions include:

Looking EVERYWHERE! She gets so mad should we dare to sit down, she wants to be walked around with constantly. Basically Addie is an owl, moving her head in every direction with big, pretty eyes trying to take in everything. It's like she was blind before- its fun to watch her. Although it's cute, being so curious has its drawbacks. For one, nursing is now "snacking" since looking around is WAY more fun. And sleeping is a mundane task, I have to convince her that it's necessary and its becoming a struggle for her to want to stop looking around and close her eyes.

She also is discovering that she has a body! As silly as that sounds, she has found her hands (loves those) and just recently her feet. She has an amazing talent of kicking off her booties, don't believe me? Just watch the video below. Sorry for the poor filming skills- I was a little absorbed in watching her instead of watching how the camera was being moved.

.....Well nevermind! Apparently I can't upload that video.

Adelyn is also getting so strong, she's always had a strong neck, but her back, legs and whole body are starting to push, arch, and kick constantly. Surprisingly enough, she enjoyed tummy time yesterday for a good ten minutes! Wow! What a relief. (Notice how she's wide-eyed and looking around)

And..drum roll please.............................BATHS ARE GOOD NOW!!!! The last couple of baths were better, but last night- no crying at all!!! We even got some good smiles, during and after! Whoooo!! I am so excited that bath time may not be such a dreaded even now (I say "may" because that will probably change the minute this blog is posted). But at least we know that things are getting better, maybe being clean isn't so bad after all :)

2 comments: said...

Way too CUTE! I'm glad we can keep in touch through blogging! :)

Nat said...

so adorable! can't wait to meet her.