Monday, December 14, 2009

Silly Addie!

Addie is getting so big so quickly! On our way back from the baptism in Lompoc (see below) we stopped by to see our friends Brad and Danielle and their new baby, Connor. Connor is only 4 hours younger than Adelyn, so it was fun for them to meet each other for the first time and compare sizes. As you can see from the picture, Addie is a little smaller- however, both Brad and Danielle are quite a bit taller than Jared and I :)
This morning I woke up to find Adelyn nearly out of her bouncer, with her leg sticking out, and her head buried in her blanket. Pretty funny! I guess I'd better start buckling her in, she's getting to be quite the little squirmer. Here are more pictures of her- I'm sure ya'll are getting sick of looking at her, but she's just so darn cute I can't help but post every cute picture I have! So those of you who are sick of looking at Addie- you better not check my blog for the next 18 or so years! :)

As a side note: Adelyn's baby blessing will be December 27, in Phoenix- all are welcome to come, and those who can't, we'll miss ya and wish you could be there.


Hillary said...

I don't get tired of seeing her! :) Maybe it's because I understand how fun it is to show off your little baby. Have you seen my blog lately??? It's dominated by Ethan. haha. Addie needs to be shown off, I say!

Oh, and those letters in Ethan's bedroom are letters I got at The Baby Depot. They were all different colors because they didn't have his whole name in only one color (blue, pink, or white) so I painted them the colors of his room. It was fun. :)

Brewer's Ink said...

Nope - can't get tired of seeing such a cutie! Can't wait to see you when you get here!