Friday, January 29, 2010

Couch Potato

Despite all our efforts....we have an absolute Tv addict. We tried for so long-but it's pretty much a lost cause. Our baby is glued to the tube.
Above is Adelyn enjoying some Peter Pan- at least its kid friendly, right??

Wiggle Worm

For the past few days I have woken up and found Adelyn wide awake in some random position that I didn't put her in the night before. I still swaddle her before she goes to bed, but when I go to get her in the morning, I find that her blankets are strewn all over the place! It's pretty funny because when she sees me she gets this big grin silently exclaiming, "Mommy look what I've done!!" its so cute.

Last night I put her down in the center of her crib with her feet facing the right side...and I wake up with her legs on the opposite side of the bed! I don't know how she does it- but she sure is getting wiggly!

Last Saturday, Jared got Addie out of her crib and brought her into our bed. Aren't they such cute cuddle bunnies?? They looks so adorable- I had to take some pictures.

How lucky I am to have such a handsome husband and adorable baby!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

...and the little one said, roll over! roll over!

Besides the "Roll over" song being one of her favorites...Addie can now roll over! She rolls from her tummy onto her back and it only took her a few days! About a week ago we decided since she's 3 months now, that we need to be more serious about tummy time. So I put her on her stomach one day, and she hated it of course. But then the second time trying she just popped her head up and got her arms under her so she could hold hersef up!

Of course Jared got to see her roll herself over for the first time (I was a little bummed) but I'm glad she rolled over so quickly, without us having to prod her too much. I can't seem to catch her doing it on video though. The video below shows her when she's pretty much already done. Oh well, it's something to look at anyways!

Bumbo Buddy!

So ever since working in daycare I have always had a special place in my heart for bumbos. If you don't know what a bumbo is- it's a fantastic chair that supports the baby so they can sit up on their own. I love these chairs for a few reasons....1. It's a genius idea 2. It keeps the baby upright when they're at that stage when they want to look around and not lay around on the floor anymore 3. Pretty much every kid loves them. Well, I've been looking forward to using this bumbo since we got our very own! I even waited 3 whole months to make sure she was ready for the best experience of her life. Needless to say, Adelyn burst my bubble when she didn't absolutely love it as much as I do. We're still working on it.....
Addie pretty much decided it wasn't "her thing" and arched her back trying to get the heck out of there. I must admit- I am very surprised she doesn't like it since she loves to be upright and look at everything. She did like it okay once I gave her a toy to hold onto. Hmmmm we'll just have to keep at it. You wait- one day she will share the love I have for the bumbo....

Addie's experience sitting in the bumbo: A pure disappointment for me....maybe a exersaucer would be better?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Twenty- Nine....

Yesterday was Jared's twenty ninth birthday....only one more year until a monumental age! ;) As for this year- we got to spend the first birthday of the year with Adelyn...that was fun and not- all at the same time. After Jared got home from work we fed Addie, jumped in the car, and headed off to Red Lobster. Boy howdy that was a mistake! Red Lobster is a good 20 minutes away- so we endured blood curdling screaming the entire way there. We tried everything...all our little tomato (that's what her face resembled) wanted was to get out of the car seat. We finally got there and she decided to be good and stare at everyone. So fortunately for us we got to actually enjoy the birthday dinner. Jared is going to be starting a class in a few weeks to help pass his big engineering test. So he wont be around very much from when that class starts until he's finished with the test- so we were very happy Addie let us enjoy the only opportunity we'll have in awhile to eat out together.

Yes, I got the waiters to sing to him- though to our disappointment, nobody seems to give out a little dessert when its your birthday anymore....oh well good thing there was ice cream waiting at home. Adelyn cooperated better on the way back- and she helped daddy when it was time to open up presents. I did get pictures- but Jared brought the camera to work, so I'll have to post them up later. Addie got him a gift card to Pinkberry (his favorite yogurt place, on stressful days) and we got him a picture frame filled with pictures of the family for Jared to take to work with him, and also the movie UP. We watched the movie after she went to bed....I still cried- I don't know how anyone doesn't.

Thank you for any cards, packages, and phone calls given! I hope that you enjoyed your birthday sweetie- I love you!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mr. Amazing

Jared has been so helpful lately with keeping the house in order(which has been a challenge lately). This weekend he:

*cooked dinner (a tri-tip dinner) :)
*cleaned the kitchen (several times)
*did laundry
*put laundry away
*played with Adelyn


Made Brownies!!!! He knew I'd been craving desserts lately so he made brownies from scratch Sunday afternoon. If you've ever attempted to make homemade brownies before, you know they're pretty difficult to get right. Jared did great! They tasted soooo good! I really appreciated the effort and thoughtfulness he put into making them for me.

What an amazing husband I have- I really couldn't be more lucky. Thanks for all you did this weekend, and all you do for me each and every day. Your kindness is not overlooked :) Thank you and love ya!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Mom Just Has to be Magic

So lately I've been craving some sort of sweets, particularly chocolate- which if you know me well, is sort of rare. And today Adelyn was being pretty good come 2pm and so I decided I'd take the chance of going through a big project like making chocolate chip cookies. But to my discovery and annoyance- we no longer had any chocolate chips (of course they never got written on the list of groceries..). Fine. Whatever, I'll just make....cinnamon rolls! Now those sound good! So I scan the list of ingredients quickly, it's only basics- so I start adding the yeast, water, salt, sugar, margarine and eggs.....wait, do we have eggs? Crap! We forgot to get eggs after our return from vacation- of course. So mind you, they yeast is rising, and the heated margarine is sitting in the microwave- better go get the eggs.

By this time, Addie's attention span has gone- and it's time for a nap. I can only picture the hysterical screaming as I try to stuff her in into her car seat to run to the store- not worth it. No...I'll just walk to the store across the street, then she'll fall asleep. I run out the door, pick up the eggs, and come home to a welcoming smell of dough. Mmmmmm I'm so excited now to eat my yummy cinnamon rolls. I add all the rest of the ingredients except all the flour. Apparently I finish putting the rest of the flour in a little too late....and it comes flying out everywhere. Fine whatever, I'll clean it up later.

Well now it's time for the dough to rise, I'm super excited by this point because of a little trick I can now do. Before Christmas this year, Jared and I have been using the smallest microwave known to man. This frustrated my mom when she came to visit since she is the queen of microwave meals. Instead of cooking homemade meals in the oven- she cuts time in half by using the microwave- a luxury up until this point I have not been able to do myself. My mom also has this magic trick of proofing bread dough in the microwave instead of waiting around for it to rise. Lucky for us, my parents got us a new big microwave for Christmas that I was looking forward to speeding up the time of arrival for my delicious cinnamon rolls! I gladly follow her directions to a T (and use the instruction manual for the new microwave) to get my dough to rise. This was the result:

A thoroughly cooked hunk of bread.
Either I have serious issues, or my moms just magic. I'm going with the later of my two theories since my mom is one of those people who is just naturally good at everything she touches. I have now come to a conclusion: after trying your dough microwave trick for the second time, Mom, you just must be magic. I'll just have to stick to the old- fashioned way of proofing dough.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I keep on adding so many new posts because so many things have been going on! Addie is at that stage where she's all of a sudden doing a lot of cute things...I just have to share! I mentioned earlier that Adelyn loves eating her get the full effect, turn up the volume. She is also talking now, and you can here her for a little bit on the video.
It's pretty funny that she gets munching on her hands so much that she often times makes herself gag. Not fun for me- wish she would love to suck on a binkie instead- you can always take away a binkie.....not so much the fingers!


Addie went to the doctor's early last week and here are her stats:

weight: 11lbs. 7oz. (she was about 9.2 last time)

height: 22inches (20ish last time)

percentile= 50th

Looks like she's still growing!

Since going to Phoenix, she's decided to switch up her schedule a little bit. We no longer take a long morning nap, which leaves lots of room for grumpiness. To solve this, going on walks has been a good outlet for both Adelyn and myself. With Jared home on Saturday, all three of us walked around the nearby park and decided to take a detour to see if Addie would like the ducks.

Result: we still don't know, she just stared at everything for an equal amount of time. Maybe next month ducks will be a bit more exciting- but for now, Jared and I enjoyed looking :).

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Our New Years Eve consisted of this....

eating hands
going on a walk
crashing at 10

A Special Day

While we were in Phoenix, we took the opportunity of having family around, to have Addie's baby blessing there. Thanks to Jen, we had a beautiful white dress to put on her, and she sure was pretty!

Jared was really nervous (as was I) that she would wake up crying- since she'd slept up until the last minute, and hadn't eaten since early that morning. But we were lucky that she was quiet and good through her father's blessing. Jared did a great job, it was such a beautiful blessing, and I was so proud to have an amazing husband give it to our wonderful baby girl. What a neat experience.

Thank you all who were able to come and support us!

Christmas In Phoenix

This year we braved the 5 hour drive down to Phoenix to spend Christmas with my family. Fortunately for us, Addie was great for the car rides, though unfortunately for everyone else, she got a bit overwhelmed with all the love she received. :)

We had a great time chatting, shopping, making cookies, and playing games. It was great to see both sets of my grandparents, and they got to see their great-grandaughter for the first time.

Christmas eve we carried the traditions of the pudding game(I still didn't win-and haven't since 1991) and nativity re-enactment along with a new talent show presentation. Jared played his famous "A Poor Way Fairing Man" -the only song that Jared knows to play :). I did a piano duet with my brother, Spencer, and Adelyn played the important role of baby Jesus in the nativity play. After she finally settling down, she slept through the entire play (which was fine with us all at that point, since she'd been screaming for awhile). It was too bad she couldn't be awake- though I'm sure baby Jesus was sleeping a lot, so she portrayed her part well :).

Santa did bring some fun things-none of which she cared about. Adelyn actually slept until about 10ish and everyone was really antsy to see her reaction to opening presents. She did like to look at some, and other gifts had fun noises she liked. Maybe next year will be more exciting for presents. As for now-she'll love her toys in a few months.

It was great to visit everyone in Phoenix and we were sad to leave. More especially, I think family had a harder time letting Addie leave-but it just gives them more incentive to come visit. :)

Hope everyone also had a great Christmas!