Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas In Phoenix

This year we braved the 5 hour drive down to Phoenix to spend Christmas with my family. Fortunately for us, Addie was great for the car rides, though unfortunately for everyone else, she got a bit overwhelmed with all the love she received. :)

We had a great time chatting, shopping, making cookies, and playing games. It was great to see both sets of my grandparents, and they got to see their great-grandaughter for the first time.

Christmas eve we carried the traditions of the pudding game(I still didn't win-and haven't since 1991) and nativity re-enactment along with a new talent show presentation. Jared played his famous "A Poor Way Fairing Man" -the only song that Jared knows to play :). I did a piano duet with my brother, Spencer, and Adelyn played the important role of baby Jesus in the nativity play. After she finally settling down, she slept through the entire play (which was fine with us all at that point, since she'd been screaming for awhile). It was too bad she couldn't be awake- though I'm sure baby Jesus was sleeping a lot, so she portrayed her part well :).

Santa did bring some fun things-none of which she cared about. Adelyn actually slept until about 10ish and everyone was really antsy to see her reaction to opening presents. She did like to look at some, and other gifts had fun noises she liked. Maybe next year will be more exciting for presents. As for now-she'll love her toys in a few months.

It was great to visit everyone in Phoenix and we were sad to leave. More especially, I think family had a harder time letting Addie leave-but it just gives them more incentive to come visit. :)

Hope everyone also had a great Christmas!


Brewer's Ink said...

Ah - it was so nice to see you, even if it was only briefly. Little Addie is such a sweetie!

Erica said...

Wow! She's getting big! :) Your next trip needs to be to Idaho so we can all see her too (and you and Jared too, of course)! I love that picture of you and her. So precious. Glad you had a great Christmas!

Eric and Rozanne said...

The picture of you and Addie on Christmas Eve is awesome! That is definitely a keeper!