Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I keep on adding so many new posts because so many things have been going on! Addie is at that stage where she's all of a sudden doing a lot of cute things...I just have to share! I mentioned earlier that Adelyn loves eating her hands.....to get the full effect, turn up the volume. She is also talking now, and you can here her for a little bit on the video.
It's pretty funny that she gets munching on her hands so much that she often times makes herself gag. Not fun for me- wish she would love to suck on a binkie instead- you can always take away a binkie.....not so much the fingers!


Barry and Jeanni said...

I love all your posts, it seemed like you didn't post forever and I was having Addie withdrawals :) I miss you guys, but am happy to see all is well. I can't believe how much she is growing! My how time flies!

Nat said...

Ellie does both and personally I prefer the thumb. I don't have to run to put it back in when it falls out. And I'm sure that if she hasn't gotten rid of the habit by kidergarden the kid's will just make fun of her and shame her out of it! I know,I'm a bad mom.