Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mr. Amazing

Jared has been so helpful lately with keeping the house in order(which has been a challenge lately). This weekend he:

*cooked dinner (a tri-tip dinner) :)
*cleaned the kitchen (several times)
*did laundry
*put laundry away
*played with Adelyn


Made Brownies!!!! He knew I'd been craving desserts lately so he made brownies from scratch Sunday afternoon. If you've ever attempted to make homemade brownies before, you know they're pretty difficult to get right. Jared did great! They tasted soooo good! I really appreciated the effort and thoughtfulness he put into making them for me.

What an amazing husband I have- I really couldn't be more lucky. Thanks for all you did this weekend, and all you do for me each and every day. Your kindness is not overlooked :) Thank you and love ya!

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Rozanne said...

Eric has those days too where he can get so many things done in just a short time. It's awesome, isn't it?