Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Mom Just Has to be Magic

So lately I've been craving some sort of sweets, particularly chocolate- which if you know me well, is sort of rare. And today Adelyn was being pretty good come 2pm and so I decided I'd take the chance of going through a big project like making chocolate chip cookies. But to my discovery and annoyance- we no longer had any chocolate chips (of course they never got written on the list of groceries..). Fine. Whatever, I'll just make....cinnamon rolls! Now those sound good! So I scan the list of ingredients quickly, it's only basics- so I start adding the yeast, water, salt, sugar, margarine and eggs.....wait, do we have eggs? Crap! We forgot to get eggs after our return from vacation- of course. So mind you, they yeast is rising, and the heated margarine is sitting in the microwave- better go get the eggs.

By this time, Addie's attention span has gone- and it's time for a nap. I can only picture the hysterical screaming as I try to stuff her in into her car seat to run to the store- not worth it. No...I'll just walk to the store across the street, then she'll fall asleep. I run out the door, pick up the eggs, and come home to a welcoming smell of dough. Mmmmmm I'm so excited now to eat my yummy cinnamon rolls. I add all the rest of the ingredients except all the flour. Apparently I finish putting the rest of the flour in a little too late....and it comes flying out everywhere. Fine whatever, I'll clean it up later.

Well now it's time for the dough to rise, I'm super excited by this point because of a little trick I can now do. Before Christmas this year, Jared and I have been using the smallest microwave known to man. This frustrated my mom when she came to visit since she is the queen of microwave meals. Instead of cooking homemade meals in the oven- she cuts time in half by using the microwave- a luxury up until this point I have not been able to do myself. My mom also has this magic trick of proofing bread dough in the microwave instead of waiting around for it to rise. Lucky for us, my parents got us a new big microwave for Christmas that I was looking forward to speeding up the time of arrival for my delicious cinnamon rolls! I gladly follow her directions to a T (and use the instruction manual for the new microwave) to get my dough to rise. This was the result:

A thoroughly cooked hunk of bread.
Either I have serious issues, or my moms just magic. I'm going with the later of my two theories since my mom is one of those people who is just naturally good at everything she touches. I have now come to a conclusion: after trying your dough microwave trick for the second time, Mom, you just must be magic. I'll just have to stick to the old- fashioned way of proofing dough.


T and Jackie Isom said...

I've never heard of someone doing the microwave thing instead of the oven. What an awesome idea! I would love to know how she does that!

Hillary said...

haha! Oh man. What a great/awful cinnamon roll adventure! Did you ever get any rolls done? Or did they all get "cooked" in the microwave? :) I've never heard of making the dough rise in the microwave either. It doesn't seem possible... I agree, your mom must be magic.

Brewer's Ink said...

It's not any easier being her sister! She is magic, but she's also put in the time to figure things out to a science. It'll come - it just takes time. Keep at it girl! You're mom wasn't always perfect(I know).

Eric and Rozanne said...

I usually turn my microwave on for 2 minutes to get it hot, and then put the dough in to rise. It stays warm for awhile and the dough rises faster. Sorry they didn't work out...that's frustrating!