Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Addie went to the doctor's early last week and here are her stats:

weight: 11lbs. 7oz. (she was about 9.2 last time)

height: 22inches (20ish last time)

percentile= 50th

Looks like she's still growing!

Since going to Phoenix, she's decided to switch up her schedule a little bit. We no longer take a long morning nap, which leaves lots of room for grumpiness. To solve this, going on walks has been a good outlet for both Adelyn and myself. With Jared home on Saturday, all three of us walked around the nearby park and decided to take a detour to see if Addie would like the ducks.

Result: we still don't know, she just stared at everything for an equal amount of time. Maybe next month ducks will be a bit more exciting- but for now, Jared and I enjoyed looking :).

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Teresa said...

Oh my she is SO big:) I love her. Way way cute!! I am so glad you found my and commented so I can add you to my blog!! I have really enjoyed reading yours. I got her headbands in utah, I know there are some families here are getting them on line. Her clothes from wal-mart only 3 bucks!!