Saturday, February 27, 2010

Adelyn is 4 months!

Addie is getting soo big- though everyone always make comments that she is still very small :). We will be going to her doctors appointment for shots and stats early next week, but when I've weighed her on home scales she is somewhere between 13-15 lbs.! Every time I lug her up the stairs(or anywhere, really) I tell her she's too heavy and that she needs to quit growing (...I'm starting to repeate my mother already).

Some things she is doing are:

~Sucking her thumb. She mostly shoves in any fingers that will fit in her mouth, but I've caught her in the act several times now.
~Liking her Bumbo. YAY! She really seems to appreciate it now, especially when I'm busy doing dishes or something, it keeps her occupied. I think a big portion of why she likes it is because she gets fed her cereal in there. That probably helps her like it...
~Rolling all over. Anywhere I leave her is NEVER the same place I find her. She just goes back and forth all over the place. We started putting her on her "official" changing table which has more space so she is getting more difficult to change since she doesn't want to lay still.
~Pouting. Addie has always been great at this, but I finally got a good picture of her sticking her bottom lip out when we had a play date. She didn't appreciate Crue's "lovin".
~Enjoying bath time. Depending on her mood, time with the water can be enjoyable.
~Smiling much more. Even though this picture shows her smiling in her sleep- she smiles at everyone now. I love it! Sometimes she's a little reluctant to show off her gums to strangers...but she doesn't hold back for the ones she loves!
~Growling. Yes, this one is very recent. Not sure why or what she's imitating, but I call her a little dinosaur because that's what the sound reminds me of- a baby dinosaur(even though I don't know exactly what that sounds like).
~Being girly. Yes, we like to put "pretties" on her whenever possible. This is a project I made (it wasn't my idea though, I got the project from Joy) to hold all her hair bows. Now all I need is to make something for all her headbands- being girly takes up a lot of room!

Every new thing she does is so fun- we just love having our little Addie around to entertain us and to love!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Introducing....Addie's Laugh!

I was so excited! Jared called me urgently into the bedroom because he'd gotten Adelyn laughing the hardest ever! I have to admit...I am a little sour that she has never laughed like that for me, or that much. But I'm glad that her daddy makes her happy :D

Good thing she's cute!

Poor Addie was the brunt of all my fun this week. At the bottom of her drawer I discovered some new outfits/clothing. I couldn't decide which one to put on I put both of them on! You can't really tell, but they don't look very good together- we're lucky she's cute!

Mommy's Little Helper

I'm not really complaining or anything....but Addie does create some extra laundry around here. This week I decided it was time for her to start earning her keep around here and help fold laundry. I think she's more helpful tasting the laundry to make sure it's clean for right now...
What a cute little helper! She had a blast playing with Daddy's socks- good thing they were freshly washed!
I think all that hard work was a little tiring...

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Earlier this week, I gave Addie some baby cereal mixed with formula to try out. She's been really chewing on toys and her hands so I was curious how she'd do with food. She did great! Despite the appearance of her not liking it, she still ate it none the less. A couple days later I tried cereal w/ breast milk to see if she'd like it better, but she still didn't take to it much. I tried to put the video up from the first time I fed her, but it wouldn't upload. So here is the 5th attempt.

Funny story: When I was still pregnant with Addie, and Jared and I were talking one day, Jared asked what kind of foods you start with when you want to teach them to eat regular foods. I start going on about mixing different cereals and whatnot, and he starts going berserk, "You just give them cereal and hope they can swallow it??? There's nothing softer than that???" "Uhh....yeah.... " After awhile of both of us misunderstanding each other, I clarify that it's baby cereal you start with. "Oh that's what you meant!" Jared thought that we were just going to start shoving Fruit Loops and Cornflakes her mouth and hope for the best. I love my husband- always keeps me entertained :)

As a side note: Jared's been very busy studying for his P.E. exam that he has to take in April. He has classes on Saturdays (8:30-4:30) and on some Sundays as well. During the weekdays he has been studying so that he can be best prepared to take this test. It is a very difficult test to pass, especially considering he did not specialize in the subjects being tested. He could really use all the prayers and encouragement he can get so that he doesn't have to take it a second time. Wish him luck!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Maybe later.....

Well since the bumbo wasn't quite as successful as I thought it should be...our friend Jen (she's our connection for everything) found us an exersaucer to try out.
As you can see- she might need to grow into it a bit.

Addie kinda just looked at me like, "You're kidding, right?". Needless, to say, Jared and I had a riot, laughing our heads off about how funny she looked in there. I don't think she was as humored as we were about the whole scenario.
As a side note: Addie is enjoying her bumbo more and doesn't try and get out quite as much as before. In fact, if I plop her in front of the TV she doesn't have one complaint to make. From the post below, you can tell she has no objections from spending quality time in front of the TV. :)

Also, Addie gave her first little laugh on Monday...and hasn't done it since. We're still working on it. Lately she really likes to play airplane: when I lay on my back and hold her up in the air. She also likes to stand on the sink in front of our bathroom mirror and "dance." For some reason, she finds it so fun to watch herself wiggle around. It's pretty cute to see her smiling and having a grand- ole' time.

She likes playing dump-truck too: