Thursday, February 11, 2010


Earlier this week, I gave Addie some baby cereal mixed with formula to try out. She's been really chewing on toys and her hands so I was curious how she'd do with food. She did great! Despite the appearance of her not liking it, she still ate it none the less. A couple days later I tried cereal w/ breast milk to see if she'd like it better, but she still didn't take to it much. I tried to put the video up from the first time I fed her, but it wouldn't upload. So here is the 5th attempt.
Funny story: When I was still pregnant with Addie, and Jared and I were talking one day, Jared asked what kind of foods you start with when you want to teach them to eat regular foods. I start going on about mixing different cereals and whatnot, and he starts going berserk, "You just give them cereal and hope they can swallow it??? There's nothing softer than that???" "Uhh....yeah.... " After awhile of both of us misunderstanding each other, I clarify that it's baby cereal you start with. "Oh that's what you meant!" Jared thought that we were just going to start shoving Fruit Loops and Cornflakes her mouth and hope for the best. I love my husband- always keeps me entertained :)

As a side note: Jared's been very busy studying for his P.E. exam that he has to take in April. He has classes on Saturdays (8:30-4:30) and on some Sundays as well. During the weekdays he has been studying so that he can be best prepared to take this test. It is a very difficult test to pass, especially considering he did not specialize in the subjects being tested. He could really use all the prayers and encouragement he can get so that he doesn't have to take it a second time. Wish him luck!


Brewer's Ink said...

I'm pretty sure ice cream is softer than cereal (even baby cereal) jk:) Your mom and dad were always trying to corrupt my babies with ice cream long before they hit their 1st birthday!

Brody and Erin said...

Love the first pic of Addie in Pink. That headband is adorable! She so cute!!! I can't say it enough! :)

Barry and Jeanni said...

That is too funny about the cereal! Tell Jared not to stress about his test- he is a smarty :) takes after his big sis :)

Nat said...

lol, brandon thought the same thing! honestly, where is the common sense in these boys? tell jared we wish him luck!

Hillary said...

Just read all your newest posts and it's all so fun! What a cute little girl. She's growing up!! :) How fun.