Friday, February 5, 2010

Maybe later.....

Well since the bumbo wasn't quite as successful as I thought it should be...our friend Jen (she's our connection for everything) found us an exersaucer to try out.
As you can see- she might need to grow into it a bit.

Addie kinda just looked at me like, "You're kidding, right?". Needless, to say, Jared and I had a riot, laughing our heads off about how funny she looked in there. I don't think she was as humored as we were about the whole scenario.
As a side note: Addie is enjoying her bumbo more and doesn't try and get out quite as much as before. In fact, if I plop her in front of the TV she doesn't have one complaint to make. From the post below, you can tell she has no objections from spending quality time in front of the TV. :)

Also, Addie gave her first little laugh on Monday...and hasn't done it since. We're still working on it. Lately she really likes to play airplane: when I lay on my back and hold her up in the air. She also likes to stand on the sink in front of our bathroom mirror and "dance." For some reason, she finds it so fun to watch herself wiggle around. It's pretty cute to see her smiling and having a grand- ole' time.

She likes playing dump-truck too:


Eric and Rozanne said...

My favorite baby age was about 3-5 months. I wish I could see that little cutie!

Hillary said...

How fun... I love this stage too... You can finally see that they are responding to things around them. I mean more than just odd looks. They give you reactions! So cute. Oh, and ps: if you really want me to, I'll take pics of your family or Addie or whatever. I'm SO not good... but I have a nice camera, so that's what makes my pics so fun. Anyway... think about it and let me know, because I'm willing. :) said...

Too Cute! She's sooooo adorable... I just want to squeeze her! I think she's a good mix of the both of you. Isn't it so fun to laugh at them when they don't have a clue what's so funny...? LOL ~ We do it to Keira all the time. Miss you guys!