Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Swing high, swing low

The other week Addie and I went walking around the nearest park, and we decided it was time to try out the swing and slides. She really didn't have an opinion on the slides....but she LOVED the swing! When some other babies were in the baby swings, she also liked sitting on my lap and swinging.
Doesn't she look so cute in her little hat??

Adelyn was so relaxed and really enjoyed watching all the bigger kids play tag. She loves being outside- and most of the times she likes walking. But she REALLY loved swinging! I was glad that we found another "new thing" she enjoys!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Food

I have been giving Addie baby food for the past week or so. I started with applesauce and she had no objections! Yesterday, I tried out carrots (expecting her not to like them) and she devoured them! She kept on grabbing the spoon and nearly choking herself with it because I couldn't shovel the carrots in fast enough!
Speaking of which....is it normal for babies to have to eat with their hands too? I put a spoonful of something in her mouth- and in goes the hands! She is SOOOO MESSY!! Makes me laugh...until I find carrots in her hair, clothes, forehead all day long.

Cute as a bunny

Here are some pictures for the preparation we are doing for Easter. I don't think the Easter Bunny will be hiding eggs this year....but definitely next year!
Out of chance, I was digging through the closet and found this Peeps bunny that the Easter Bunny brought to me one year. Thought it was appropriate decoration- Addie thought it was more fun as a toy.
In our ward, we are the Activities Chair people and we are going to have a mini easter egg hunt outside. For now, all the eggs are being stored at our house- and Jared and Addie couldn't resist playing with them :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

You know you're a parent when.....

Since Addie's come around, I've noticed a few changes around here. So, you know you have an infant when...

1. You go to any store and "just look" to see if they have any toys, clothes, or shoes that your baby doesn't already have.

2. You openly discuss your child's poop, toots, and barf as a dinner topic, making sure to include the smell, color, and texture (which doesn't disgust you)- while the newlywed couple you invited over to dinner is gagging and making promises to each other that they will never return to your house again.

3. You spend the entire day cleaning up....and it hasn't even made a dent.

4. You wear spit up on your clothes all day and don't bother to change because it just doesn't bother you anymore. All your shirts are all stained by now anyways.

5. You constantly speak "baby talk" and don't even realize you do it until someone ask hesitantly if you have a baby.

6. It would be near impossible to carry on a conversation without mentioning your child because you can't even think of conversation starters anymore.

7. You have anxiety attacks whenever separated from your baby. Even if it's only ten minutes (and they say that babies only have separation anxiety....).

8. You can be in and out of the grocery store in fifteen minutes flat (precise grocery list corresponding with each isle number, in hand).

9. Dinner is a choice of: Kraft mac & cheese, cereal, or scrambled eggs. Take your pic.

10. Your blog is now consumed with photos and descriptions of every milestone and event in your precious child's life.........and you love it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nature is Calling......

I've never really been a screamer. My mom and sister always fulfilled that role in our family- so I took advantage of that and put cicada shells in their underwear drawers, hair brush, you name it- since I knew we'd all get a good scream out of the prank.

But the tables turned today when I went into the bathroom to grab a tissue- and a high pitched scream escaped my mouth. This is what I found sitting on our toilet seat......
Not sure HOW on earth it got there- or inside the apartment for that matter! But I have a feeling the poor thing's been our little pet for awhile, since it didn't bother to play hide and seek with me. Hardly even moved when I captured it in a box and stuck it outside. Don't worry- no harm was done to the lizard in the making of this blog. I put it right at the bottom of the sunny stairs with another lizard- they like to sun bathe on the bottom two steps. I hope it made a friend....but it probably won't be able to hear for awhile, what with all the screaming.

Lookie what I found!

Adelyn has found her feet and loves them!! They are the best toy ever, and the best part is- their with her everywhere she goes! It's so fun when she discovers new things.
Lately, she has new interests in things that Jared and I pay attention to often like our: phones(she'll lunge at it when she sees one), mail/paper, and toothbrushes. But even her toys, crib, and clothing grab her attention- like she's seeing it with new eyes. I love seeing her explore!
*Look how well she's sitting up!*
Addie is getting so long! Our doctor's appointment got cancelled, so I still don't know her stats. But the other day when I had her on the floor, it occurred to me that she is as long as the door frame! Gosh, when did she get so big! Our little Addie is going to be 5 months on the 22nd of this month- boy, time sure does fly!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Smile for the Camera!

It couldn't be that long until Adelyn finally figured it out...every time I brought out the camera, I'd tell her to "dime sonrisa!" or "give me a smile!" accompanied by excessive smiling. So she's finally doing it without command now! Every time I bring out the camera- she knows just what to do! So here are some pictures throughout the week of her newly mastered talent.
Addie's teaching Ellie how it's done: :)

Oh, and thanks to Connor's special tutoring- Adelyn has taken a particular liking to spitting. It's not subtle either.....thanks Connor! :)
*Don't be fooled by the picture- he's a really good teacher ;)*

Also, Addie's doing really good at sitting up. She's not phenomenal at it yet, and can't quite do it by herself- but she's trying, and that's almost more exciting than the real deal.