Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lookie what I found!

Adelyn has found her feet and loves them!! They are the best toy ever, and the best part is- their with her everywhere she goes! It's so fun when she discovers new things.
Lately, she has new interests in things that Jared and I pay attention to often like our: phones(she'll lunge at it when she sees one), mail/paper, and toothbrushes. But even her toys, crib, and clothing grab her attention- like she's seeing it with new eyes. I love seeing her explore!
*Look how well she's sitting up!*
Addie is getting so long! Our doctor's appointment got cancelled, so I still don't know her stats. But the other day when I had her on the floor, it occurred to me that she is as long as the door frame! Gosh, when did she get so big! Our little Addie is going to be 5 months on the 22nd of this month- boy, time sure does fly!


Brewer's Ink said...

Even her toes are cute! Who wouldn't try to grab them? Has she tried to eat them yet? That's always fun to watch! She is growing so big, too fast!

Eric and Rozanne said...

I loved it when my kids grabbed their toes. I remember Jarem pulling off his socks over and over again and laughing and laughing. It's one of my sweet memories of him as a baby.