Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Family Flight

Last Wednesday we went on our very first flight as a family to go up to Utah for about the most eventful weekend ever. Jared's brother TJ was graduating BYU, Jared's dad and his wife, Collette were getting sealed in the Salt Lake temple, and TJ and Sunshine blessed the most recent addition to the family, Lyla Jean, that Sunday. This was also the first time of me meeting Kent and Collette. Furthermore, my sister, Kara, is currently living there and attending BYU so we got to see her while we were there too. Geesh! It was a fun and busy weekend! Here are some pictures (out of 100 or so) of our trip up to Utah. Congrats Kent and Collette, and TJ and Sunshine! Thanks for having us- we had a blast!

Addie did okay on the flight there. But the flight home....well lets just say we were being about as goofy as could be to keep her happy and content. The above picture shows just how much fun the plane ride was.

We had fun walking around BYU when the weather permitted. It was about as bi-polar (no pun intended) as my sister claims it was. Thursday was a gorgeous sunny day...Friday (TJ's graduation) was freezing and dumping rain. Not ideal for picture taking.

The graduation was very nice (from what I got to see) and we are so proud of TJ! In the middle of the ceremony, and elderly lady was walking down the steep stairs (just behind us) and fell backwards, hitting her head badly. Jared jumped to the rescue and reacted like a pro, telling people to call 911 while he put pressure on the wound and kept her awake. Way to go Jared! I have the best, heroic husband :)

It was so nice to be there for the sealing. It was so special, and the spirit was strong in that room. How wonderful that we have the church in our lives! Congrats Kent and Collette! We are so proud and happy for you!

Kara was nice enough to watch Addie while we were inside the temple. She did a great job! Thanks Kara! It was fun having you there!

Addie had a blast playing with her cousins- she just liked looking at them! Too bad she was a little overwhelmed with all that was going on, they wanted to hold her all the time, but she fussed a lot. :( Maybe when she's a little older she won't get overwhelmed so easily.

All in all, it was a great trip and it was so fun to see Jared's family again. It's not too often that we get to meet up, so it's always great when we see them. Wish the rest of the family could have been there- you were missed!


Barry and Jeanni said...

It was a great trip! I added all my pics to Heritage Makers and sent Jared the link so you guys could get them all.

Brewer's Ink said...

Ohhhh! I miss you guys so much! Those are great pictures, especially the one of "the girls" - you, Aunt Kara, and Addie. Can't wait to see you!!!

Matt and Lisa said...

Looks likes you had such a fun trip. I can't believe how big your little girl is now!!

Rozanne said...

Thanks for the pics! We felt bad we couldn't make it. There was just too much going on and it would have been way too expensive. I feel bad it couldn't have been a different time and place because we would have loved to be there. I wanted to see some pics of TJ's baby though...they aren't the best at keeping up the blog! :)