Friday, April 9, 2010


Adelyn's new discovery is that she can roll to basically any destination- particularly into places she's not supposed to be in. Earlier this week she rolled under the lower part of the entertainment area and pulled the cord connected to our iPod player. BONK! Yup, poor thing was so shocked that pulling something would wack her in the head. She's got two little scratch marks in between her eyes. Fortunately it didn't get her in the eyes. You can see the cord and iPod player in this video.
I put down blankets for her to roll on, but those are basically useless now considering she doesn't stay on them. Or, she'll grab them and then roll so that she's made herself into a little spring roll. Then she gets mad because 1. she's stuck and 2. no more toys close by. But she can solve that problem sometimes by using her arms to turn her around in circles. Lately she's been rolling and scooting so much that she gets a little rat's nest on the little hair she's got in the back of her head. I hate cutting it out!
Addie spends a lot more time on her tummy now(voluntarily) so Jared takes advatage of that time and trys to teach her to crawl. I for one, am happy to prolonge this milestone since it means more work on my part (watching her constantly, baby proofing the house, vacuming daily, etc.). So I'm in no hurry to get her going faster- though I'm sure it will come sooner than I'm expecting.
Jared's engineering test is coming up next weekend and I think we are all ready for him to be done! I thnk that Jared feels like he still needs a lot more preparation- but I'm sure he will do fine with the time he has left and do great!


Eric and Rozanne said...

Wow! She really is getting around now! I loved the video. It's funny Jared is trying to teach her how to crawl. Good luck to Jared on the test!

Brody and Erin said...

So cute to see her rolling! She'll be crawling before you know it. :) Looks like you guys had a great Easter. I'll have to post some of our pics this weekend. We just got back from VA. Lots of fun!

Brewer's Ink said...

Look at her! She's a rolling machine! And with or without Jared's help, she'll be crawling in no time (sorry to break the news to you :)

Nat said...

so cute! and advanced!