Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hasta Luego California!

Just as we predicted, the week before we left was busy and hectic. Last Monday we packed and a man from our ward took some pictures of us at Little Corona Beach. Perfect location for pictures and that exact beach is the picture they painted in the Newport Beach temple! So that was neat!
Tuesday we spent with Ben and Sunshine Lee...last chance! We plan on going back for both Addie's and my birthdays in October- hopefully we can! While walking around, we found Kenigh(no idea how to spell) and Koda from "Brother Bear". Adelyn absolutely loved them! We thought she'd be afraid- but they were tickling her and she just ate it up!

Wednesday I took Adelyn for her doctor's appointment and got not-so-fun news. In addition to her 5 shots and double ear infection, she's not really gaining weight. She only gained 1.5 lbs. since her last appointment 2 months ago. At almost 7 months she should be around 17 pounds instead of 14.5. So the doctor instructed us to give her 3 jars of baby food a day, with snacks in between the food. If she doesn't pork up within a month they want to do blood work to see what the problem is. Thing is, she's never been really fussy at all in these past 2 months! So they made it seem like we've been starving her, when she hasn't made a peep besides nap time, nursing time etc.. So that's frustrating and sad because we never knew! Physically and mentally she's of course doing great! P.S. she's crawling.
Thursday we (Jared) packed, packed, packed to be ready for our ward members to come and help us load up the moving truck that evening. After they started loading the truck up, it was pretty obvious we hadn't gotten a big enough truck for all that we had. So Addie and I said a little prayer, and miraculously it all fit! The Lord is really willing to help us if all we do is ask, even on seemly small problems.

Friday, my parents flew in that morning and we headed out to Phoenix! We REALLY appreciated their help!! Even though Adelyn did really well with the car ride, it would have been really difficult to do without their help- not to mention they also found us our apartment! Thank you!
Saturday, members of our new ward, my family, and Jared, brought in all our boxes and started unpacking! While my mom and I were going through boxes, we discovered that Adelyn had the runs....on top of all the change, ear infections, more food, and new house- this poor baby had to be sick! So for two days she was under the weather. She's doing loads better now and we are nearly all the way unpacked! She's only in a diaper below, because she'd blown out yet another outfit....
Here are some things we like about our new apartment:

-It's extremely quiet....almost eerie in fact
-It's newer, nicer, and bigger
-Adelyn has her own bedroom AND bathroom!!
-There is a beach entrance into the pool (extra bonus for when we're missing Cali) complete with waterfalls
-Security to get into the complex
-Security system arming our apartment
-Apartment doesn't get hot even though its 95 outside...and we have AC just in case
-Lots of storage space
-Full size washer & dryer in our apartment!!!!!!!!
-Lake flowing all through the complex
-Stove with a timer on it, digital temperature gage, and beeps when it's pre-heated
-We get more, clear, and better channels with our bunny ears (TV)
-Mormon neighbors next door, and apparently all over this complex!

As you can probably tell, we like living here so far! We do miss all our friends in California though, and look forward to going back soon enough. The past two days at work have been good for Jared. He likes the work environment much better and is enjoying the challenge of different (yet similar) work.

I'd like to take a second to thank my wonderful, handsome husband for all he does for us/me. This move put a lot of pressure on him and I appreciate all he is and has done. Jared had to do most of the packing since Adelyn wanted to be entertained, and not a single thing got broken! He also took care of all the moving details and company politics of switching companies. Though this was an opportunity for a better work environment, Jared wanted to take this job because he knew it would make me happy to be close to my family. Thank you sweetheart, I love you so very much! You are still that sacrificing, caring man I married- and I love you for it.


Brad and Danielle said...

Oh no, poor Addie! I'm glad to hear she's doing a little better.

Jared is a good man. You married a good one Aubrey! :)

We miss you guys already! I'm glad to hear everything went well with the move. If/When you guys come down for Addie's birthday we have to get together! I can't believe our babies will be 1!! They won't be babies anymore!! :(

Those pictures at the beach turned out so cute!!

Grammy Suzzy said...

I could just tell on Sunday...your Mom is in Grandma heaven! (so jealous!!) Anyway, the pictures of your sweet family on the beach are just gorgeous. Hope the Arizona chapter of your life is as good as the California one was!

Nat said...

addy is so huge and cute! i can't believe she's crawling! ellie isn't even crawling but to be fair to her i keep preventing her since i don't want to chase her. i hope you guys like az, we're going to miss you when we get back to california!

Eric and Rozanne said...

Love the beach pictures! I'm glad the move went well, and your new apartment sounds awesome! Congrats on being closer to your family.

Jared is a good guy. I love the picture of Jared and Addie at the beach.

Good luck getting adjusted to the new place...doesn't sound like it will be too bad though. :)

Barry and Jeanni said...

I love your family pics, They are so cute.
Glad the move went smoothly- makes it easier.
Don't stress about Addie gaining weight- we have tried for 21 months to put weight on Jaidyn and it hasn't helped-
I can't wait to see your new apartment :)

Amber said...

Congrats on your move! I HATE moving but I love being all settled into a new place.
Your fam pics are really cute.
Poor little sick Addie! Don't stress about her weight too much, as long as she's meeting all her milestones, she'll grow and be just fine. Wow, crawling already! Watch out, she'll be into EVERYTHING :)
P.S. She probably got the runs BECAUSE of her ear infections--not the infections themselves, but the antibiotics--a lot of little kids will have the runs anytime they take an antibiotic--now you know for next time to grease that little bum w/desitin to try to prevent (but it's so hard to completely keep it away for that whole 7 or 10 days of medicine)

Wilson'swonderfulworld said...

Addie is cute, I can't wait to see her. She really reminds me of you when you were baby.
I seriously can't believe your doctor was stressing about her weight. She's just fine. I never have 17 pound babies at that age, and at one years old my kids can never sit forward facing because they aren't "chunky" enough. She's a healthy baby, don't force her to eat.
I'm glad the move went well, and I'm jealous you are living in Phoenix :).

Brewer's Ink said...

I LOVE the beach pictures! They turned out so great! I'm with Alison, don't freak about the weight thing - doctor's appointments are always good for making mothers feel like they're not doing it all right. I'm sure everything is fine, and I never had chunky babies either.