Friday, June 11, 2010


I have decided that once a baby is mobile- that is the end of a clean house and the beginning of constant worrying. Don't think that I didn't worry about Adelyn before- believe me, being a first time parent comes with many unnecessary worries. But now it's a different kind: BOOM! "oh great, where is she now? Was that her that fell or something else??" CRASH! "Is she into the computer/Wii/everything valuable again?!" and the dreaded: Absolute Silence which is room for anything you can possibly imagine: chewing on cords, eating hazardous garbage, standing up against the bathtub ready to tip into it head name it! Gone are the days of just leaving her somewhere since Addie won't even stay put for a second. They get into trouble so quickly! Yes, it's lots of fun that she can crawl to me when she wants me instead of screaming her lungs out for me to pick her up. Yes, it's cute that she'll suddenly pop her head up when I'm sitting on the couch to see what I'm up to. But eating DVD's and getting scratches and bumps that just turn up, puts me in a constant state of worry.

Anyways, as you've probably guessed, Addie's crawling, standing, and walking along furniture. I honestly don't think it will take that much longer until she's figuring out how to walk (especially considering that she stood by herself and took a step yesterday). She is such a quick learner- it only takes her about a week until she's perfected something and is onto another stage! However, all this movin' and groovin' leaves her with no desire to slow down and eat. She's just not much of an eater in the first place- but now it's worse. If you have any tricks to helping her want to eat more, please let us know! We go into her new doctor's on the 16th to see how she's doing. Hopefully she's gained weight!
We took Addie swimming a few days ago, and both days she just absolutely loved! We thought she wouldn't care for it too much since she's not really one of those kids who "loves" bath time (she just likes it okay). But she had a blast! Laughing whenever Jared would swing her in the water, kicking her little legs, splashing, you name it! These pictures are of the first time we started putting her in.She didn't like the idea of stopping and taking pictures

Adelyn is so much fun, we love her to death! She loves to explore everything and now likes us to read to her. She still loves her baby friends- she had so much fun with Britton earlier this week, they were holding hands :). I never realized how much joy and meaning a child brings into your life. Just playing with her gives me such a new perspective into God's eternal plan for us. There is not a thing we could complain about right now- life it too fun!


Brad and Danielle said...

How fun! I can't believe she's so close to walking already!! What a smart girl! Connor still isn't crawling. I really don't think he ever will... he just hates to be on his tummy (every time we put him there he rolls over - so he's really good at rolling over now! :) ) and all he wants to do is walk around with us holding his hands.

And I totally know what you mean that they are so fun right now! This is such a fun age - it just seems to keep getting better and more fun all the time!

I'm glad to hear you are all doing well. And I must say, that is the cutest "trouble" I have ever seen. :) Miss you guys!

Brody and Erin said...

Love the pics of Addie in her swimsuit! ADORABLE! I can't believe she is close to walking. Keira is almost 15 months and just started pulling herself up on things. She likes taking her time and is so content with crawling. Maybe she'll start walking in a month... we need to practice. You are pretty busy with Addie being on the move so much. HA! Miss you guys!

Nat said...

so super cute! i can't believe how fast she's developing!