Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dia de los Padres

I know this is a little bit of a delay since Father's day was 2 weeks ago. But we've been pretty busy around here! Even though this is a a little belated, I didn't want my appreciation of my father, Jared, and all father's go unnoticed.
I love my father dearly and all he has taught me and done for me and continues to do for me. He is such an example with his calm and kind mannerisms, yet able to dish out some mad skills on the court playing basketball. Growing up, I had guys my age tell me how good my dad was at basketball, especially for his age(which isn't very old ;)). One of my fondest memories is from when I was about 8 yrs. old and my dad and I getting up really early (6 am) to go pick corn for the church. As sad as this is, I was pretty annoyed when my younger sister started coming along, only because she spoiled the precious time I had alone with my dad. In younger years, my dad used to have "Father's council" on Sundays, which were probably supposed to be some serious discussion, but basically my dad and I used that one-on-one time just to talk. I loved it. When I got older, my dad would help me maintenance my car by, checking the oil for me and pumping up the tires. Or, just offering "guy advice" during the years of dating.
My dad was always a guide when choosing someone to marry. Which is why I love seeing things that Jared does for Adelyn, that are similar for what my dad did for me. This year was Jared's first official father's day! I was particularly excited for this father's day, since I'd spent a lot of time making a project I'd seen on a friend's blog. Now, I'm really not crafty so this didn't turn out nearly as good as Hillary's did. However, I was satisfied with it and proud that it hadn't turned out a complete disaster. I did 10 things that "i notice" Jared does for Adelyn and me with pictures on the side. It's a good project because, depending how crafty you are, you can make it very simple or jazz it up. It also is good at letting your spouse know that kind deeds are noticed and appreciated.

Adelyn got Jared some socks (she put her personal touch but eating them- tags and all, before we'd even reached the check out line). And we also bought him wii Super Mario brothers (without Danielle and Brad to play with, I couldn't resist:)). With a good pot roast, presents and a good husband, I think all of us were glad to have a day to celebrate fathers. I love you dad and Jared! Happy father's day!

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Hillary said...

OOOOOOooooo!! How fun. You did an "I notice" book. And it looks super cute! And by the way... sometimes simpler is better. I almost like yours better than mine! :)

I hope you're doing well in AZ. It looks like you're keeping busy! We sure miss you around here! Addie is so so CUTE! It's weird to see her much older than the last time I saw her. How fun. :)