Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fabulous Fourth

This fourth of July weekend was great! Jared had both Friday and Monday off, making it a four-day fourth! It was so nice to have him around, especially since he worked long hours up until Friday, which meant we didn't get to see him much. Addie was so thrilled to have her dad around to play!

I unfortunately forgot to take to our camera during the 4th of July celebration at my Aunt Jeanette's, so we don't have any fun pictures. But Addie did great with the loud fireworks. She was so tired, that she started falling asleep during the middle of the show! Maybe next year will bring a different reaction besides a open-mouthed stare. :)
My family came over Monday for BBQ chicken and the most exciting thing happened while they were here! Addie took her first 2 1/2 steps!!! The only bad thing is- Jared and I missed it. It was such a disappointment especially since I was holding the camera up taking her picture literally a millisecond before she walked to me! I made the mistake of looking at the picture instead of her at the exact WRONG time! Oh well, it sure was exciting though! This is the picture I took RIGHT before she took her first steps.

In addition to nearly walking, Adelyn is also:
~waving on command
~knows it's herself in the mirror (as of about a month ago)
~obsessed with shaking things, she's realized everything makes different noises
~getting used to family/ strangers holding her
~very clingy with her blankie
~more than happy around babies and children, they are her favorite play-mate
~mimicking activities Jared and I do
~whining to eat all our food(but not her baby food)
~thinks having objects on people's head it a really fun game
~loving hide and seek
~feeding herself (also includes anything that's not food)
~saying, "da-da" but not at Jared

**As a side note: Addie walked 3 steps to me the day after, (Tuesday) so it wasn't such a disappointment for too long. She's been trying to walk ever since Monday.....are we ready for a walker already????


Eric and Rozanne said...

Glad you had a nice fourth. We enjoyed a four-day fourth as well. I can't believe Adelyn is walking already. She needs to stay little a little longer so I can see her before she's all grown up.

Brewer's Ink said...

Ready or not . . . here she comes!

Brody and Erin said...

Like always... cute pics! Addie is growing up way too fast! Can't wait to get her and Keira together one day! They would have so much fun together. Addie could probably teach Keira a thing or two. HA! We still need to get Keira walking... she loves taking her time.