Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jones 50th Anniversary!

My grandparents (on my mom's side) just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! So, all they wanted were for their children (who live all over) to come out to celebrate with them. My aunt Jeanette did a wonderful job of planning the meeting point, activites, meals, you name it! We met up in Park City, Utah at a ski resort, where we stayed for 3 days. Unfortunately, Jared's switch of jobs left him without enough time off work to go. But Addie and I bummed a ride with my parents so that we could see family we hadn't seen in a long time (or in Addie's case- never seen). It was a week long trip since we cut the 12+ hour drive in half each day up and back. While we were there, we got to take a 5 generation picture! How often does that happen?? VERY neat! Here are just some of the 133 pictures I decided to post.

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