Saturday, July 24, 2010


Addie has been really into pushing things lately. Buckets, boxes, you name it! At the end of this video you can also see how she can say hi ("H") and wave. We will be going into the doctors next Thursday for her baby well check up and, as always, are hoping she has gained weight (or at least doubled her birth weight). When we went in last time, the doctor told us how at 4 months they want the babies to double their birth weight......well Addie is now 9 months and we're pretty sure she's not at that 16 pounds yet- but we'll see!

All of a sudden Adelyn has a fear of baths/bath water. Don't be fooled by this picture taken a month ago! She love hitting the tub and watching it fill up with water. But is not so fond of getting in- especially when she slips around in the slightest or gets any water in her face. She's never been that fond of bath time but now it seems she has a phobia. Have any helpful suggestions?
By the way Addie finally got her first tooth!! Came in two days before her 9 month birthday and we think she's working onto the one next to it. The tooth has just barely surfaced so I'll post pictures when there is something to see :)


Brad and Danielle said...

Wow! I can't believe how big she's getting! And I think she might walk on her own before Connor does too! Connor just started getting into pushing his little push car thing around. And he's learning to crawl now at the same time. He took multiple steps before he even moved an inch forward in crawling - is that weird or what?!

Addie is as cute as ever! I love the bandana around her head. Adorable.

Miss you guys!

Eric and Rozanne said...

She's probably going to be little and petite just like her mommy. She looks healthy enough. I remember my kids going through the pushing stage. They loved those little push walker things that have wheels and a handle. I think it helped them feel more secure as they are getting comfortable walking on their own.