Saturday, August 14, 2010


So, as weird as this sounds, I've been dying to put Adelyn in the laundry basket Grandma Cindi got for us when she came to visit last November. It's a big basket with wheels and a handle, and one day I just started thinking how funny it would be to plop Addie inside and take her for a ride. I thought she'd get freaked out, so i never did.....until this week. Does this make me a bad parent??? :)

Result: she didn't really care. After just waking up, she had an expression like, "sure, go ahead and laugh....whatever makes you happy". But I thought it was pretty cute :) Good thing I have a daughter who is a good sport about all my crazy ideas!


T and Jackie Isom said...

This sounds like tons of fun! She is so cute!

Brad and Danielle said...

I think it would be fun!

And I think we have this same laundry basket! :)

Brewer's Ink said...

Better than keeping crickets in a drawer ;)

jess and lacy said...

Aubrey- im an old friend of jareds from monterey. i found your blog and i just wanted to tell you that you are so adorable and your little girl is just so cute! sorry if you think this is weird, but i always have wanted to meet you! anyways, hope things are going well. tell jared i said hello.