Friday, September 17, 2010

All fun and games

I have decided that I like the stage Addie is in. Sure, chasing her around the store and cleaning up the kitchen stuff fourteen times daily isn't exactly exciting. But for the most part, giggles, chasing, hide and seek, ring around the rossies, squeals of delight, and kisses, all result in a pretty good day. Here are some fun videos and pictures of what we've been up to lately.

Her new funny thing is when I'm telling her to smile for the camera, she gives me this cheesy/fake smile with squinting eyes. Reminds me of a stage we all go through at around 3-6 years old ish, where we can't figure out an appropriate "smile" for picture taking. Remember that stage? Well that's what our nearly 11 month old does. She also gives a scrunched up look, which we're not sure what she's trying to tell us with that one. Please enlighten us.

We are also obsessed with phones around here. If you call, and hear "beep, beep" and heavy breathing- it's Addie who has stolen the phone and pushing buttons while running away so she can keep the phone. And if you are ever hung up on- you now know who to blame.

Adelyn's hair is getting really long- and has been for some time now. But now it's in her eyes, so we can finally wear a cute little pony tail. :)

When the weather permits (two days last week- at 95 degrees) we go exploring outside. I don't know why I even bothered to lay down a blanket since the entire time was spent with her running away with me chasing. We can't wait until we can go outside without breaking a sweat.

Hide and seek is becoming a bedtime routine (yeah, I know, it's not a good one) but she becomes so happy after Jared comes home, and Jared can't help but getting her goofy and laughing until she gets hick-ups. But we all love it.
And finally, our fun around here wouldn't be complete without cleaning up messy faces. Which we love making.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What would you do?

While Jared goes and plays basketball every week, there is a show called, "What would you do" that I usually find myself watching. This show puts people in different controversial, ethical, or challenging situation to see how people will react. They're usually pretty interesting what people do when faced with an awkward dilemma. On one of these shows, they had one of their actors "pass out" on the side of a busy sidewalk and see how many people would stop, call, react - or anything. Surprisingly not many people did anything besides look and walk past. They even tried making the actor a woman, homeless man, and drunk. As I mentioned- only a few people tried to help. At the end of the show it mentioned how on a street in NY a few years back, a man fell to the floor due to a cardiac arrest. That man sat there for several hours and actually died, due to people not doing anything.

So this is what ran through my mind on my way to a Relief Society devotional, when there was a man sprawled out on the ground next to the freeway entrance. At first I brushed it off that surely someone else had called already....and it was probably nothing to worry about anyways. But thinking of this man dying because I didn't call didn't sit too well with me. So I flipped a U-turn and drove past him, this time closer. He was just laying there with his arm under his head, eyes closed. Maybe he was sleeping?? No. No one in their right mind sleeps when it's well over 104 degrees- with pavement being even hotter. So I flipped around again, this time rolling down my passenger window to ask him if he's okay. Several attempts at trying to get a response, and all he did was lay there and spit at me.....okay........maybe he got hit by a car and he can't talk, so that's his only way of communicating right now?? No idea- but I'm calling 911. So I did and the operator said she'd send someone over to check it out, and if I wanted, she would have someone call me back and tell me what was wrong (of course i wanted to know!).

After going to the activity, heading home, putting Adelyn in bed and watching some TV. A police officer called to tell me that he was indeed "okay" but in a heap of trouble. The officer was sort of vague, but apparently he will have to take that guy to Court for charging at him when he tried to approach. According to the officer, after 24 years as a officer, he was definitely "on something" and would be getting in trouble for his actions. When I told him the situation and how he'd spit when I'd tried to communicate, the officer asked if I'd like to press charges for "public mis conduct". I didn't really know what to say, plus it wasn't like I was really offended or anything. Before hanging up, the officer told me that two others had called too. But what if no one had? This young 20ish- year old who was "on something" might have stumbled onto the road and been hit by a car. I'm glad that I was one of the people who were concerned enough to call and make sure. So, when you are faced with a situation that might need help, what will you do?