Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday fun

Addie's doctor appointment went well (besides the shots)- she's doing pretty good. Here are her stats (and the weight is an improvement...yay!) and some pictures from the little party we did. Thanks to all who we able to come and support her! We enjoyed having you there!

Height: 28" (25%)
Weight: 17 lbs. (10%)
Head: 18" (75%)
Apparently her head has been doing leaps and bounds compared the the rest of her body- it's always been around 50th percentile...yay??
Adelyn had a fun time at her party. Her favorite part was running around in circles with her friends. She also loved going up to people and mooching their food.
Addie also got her first taste of cake/ sweets, it was an instant hit!
Bringing out some new toys was also pretty fun :)
Thanks everyone!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

One Year Wonder

I have to admit that it seems a bit surreal that it's been a year since Adelyn entered this world! I know this is so cliche to say, but time certainly flies by- and more so when it's your baby. Here is a little glimpse of Addie's first year in our family...

In the belly:


One month:
Two months:

Three months:

Four months:

Five months:

Six months:

Seven months:

Eight months:

Nine months:

Ten months:

Eleven months:

Twelve months today!

Her one year doctor appointment is today (I know, what a horrible mom to make all the shots on her birthday) so stay tuned for stats!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Return from Neverland!

We just returned from our week long trip at Disneyland, and what a blast! We got to stay with our friends the Lee's and Jeppson's and were lucky enough to have friends come to Disneyland and see us! Also, my younger sister flew in from BYU to spend part of the week with us (***Addie***) so that was great to see her too. Here are some cute pictures from our trip.

On one of the first days there, Jared and I were talking in the hotel, when I realized Addie was being extremely quiet. We called her and couldn't see her anywhere in the room! I started panicking thinking that she'd some how escaped out the door (we were on the sixth floor overlooking a pool) only to notice that she'd somehow crawled into the basket of her stroller. Silly girl nearly gave me a heart attack!
While we were there, we got to see the new show "World of Color" which was amazing!! If you plan to go to Disneyland anytime soon, you should plan on seeing this show too.
Unfortunately, not everyday was filled with California sunshine. It actually poured Monday thru Wednesday which pretty much put a damper on our plans (no pun intended). But we tried to tough it out anyways.

Even though Disneyland provides you with plenty of things to do, sights to see, and shows to experience, Addie enjoyed walking around above it all. She was really entertained stepping on the drains, curbs, wandering away, and unloading our stroller. Guess we didn't need to take her to Disneyland for an "exciting vacation" after all, a walk outside of our apartment would've sufficed!

We also attended "Mickey Mouse's Halloween Party". It was fun to get Addie dressed up and to see the other costumes. But even more fun to get a bucket load (literally) of candy and have no lines to wait in for the rides. We just walked ourselves right onto the carts, took off, and were done! Able to go on round 2, 3, and 4 to our favorite rides!!

Above all, it was just fun spending time together as a family.