Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bikes, Beanies, and Belated Halloween

Yes, it's actually starting to cool down out here in Arizona....good thing is almost Thanksgiving. But I personally feel that there is nothing cuter on a baby's head than an adorable beanie. So thanks to the cooperating weather, we now have a reason and excuse for Addie to wear beanies. If only we could find a way for her not to yank them off....is glue a little extreme??

Speaking of the cool weather, a few weeks ago it just seemed a little too warm to carve pumpkins (plus we never got around to it) so last weekend we carved our little one, and the Frei's were nice enough to give us their decorative pumpkins to carve. After awhile, they came over to participate in the fun and carve their own. Jared carved the cat and ghost (he has got a lot of artistic talent in my opinion) and I carved a face. The Frei's carved the spooky graveyard on the left- you can't see it, but Rhett somehow managed to carve very detailed grass along the bottom.

Adelyn wasn't really into the carving thing, and especially didn't like putting her hands in to get the guts out. But after the lights were back on, and in the morning she thought they were really exciting to touch and play with.

I have this thing about getting things cheaper than the regular prices....so when I saw an $8 bike seat at a garage sale, that I've been dreaming about for months, I jumped on it! Now we have a wonderful park close by, without having to drive there! It's been great going on bike rides whenever we can! Addie loves it too- Jared took her on a test ride around for a few seconds, and she started screaming when we took her off. I guess it wasn't nice to tease! She never really smiles or anything, but just sits there and enjoys yelling out things she sees. It cracks me up how cute she is riding behind her dad!


Jen said...

she's so darling!!!

Matthew and Shanna said...

I love her in the little bike seat! So cute!

Brewer's Ink said...

Those are definitely "Arizona winter" photos - beanie on the head, and a short sleeved, no legs onesie on her! Too funny.

Erica said...

If you want a real reason for your little one to wear beanies, come to Idaho! lol I couldn't help but laugh to myself when you said it's cooling down in AZ. To what? 70 degrees? :)