Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lots of stuff

We have been anything short of busy around here, what with sickness getting passed around, Jared working late, baking, Christmas projects, and just plain living...I have been desperately needing to update this blog! So this may be a long post- just warning you now.
Addie being 13 months has seemed like she's been that age for several months, just because she is learning and changing so quickly. At around 12 months I started to really emphasize baby sign language more, and while she picked it up faster than I thought she would, 13 months has increased her capability to learn ten-fold. She can sign: more, all done, blanket (her favorite), book, brushing teeth, "I want" (she made that one up), and is catching on to food and water. I am trying to teach her "wait", but I think that concept is a little too advanced for a one year old. She's just not getting it- the world still revolves around her (understandably). Adelyn also talks a lot more than she used to. She can say light, mom, dad, Jess/Wes/yes, woof, juice, Jesus, Santa and duck. The only problem with signing is that I have already noticed she doesn't talk as much as she signs now. But I still like that she's able to communicate with us.

As of today we graduated from a rear facing baby car seat to the big girl front facing car seat. We took her around a nearby neighborhood to look at lights to celebrate. So far she's a fan!

My brother Jesse made the school JV basketball team this year (yay Jesse!) so we have been going to his home games to support him. Adelyn likes seeing her grandparents and uncles there, but also enjoys playing on the stairs. It's fun that we are able to go see Jesse play!

My mom was nice enough to accompany Addie and I on our adventure to the zoo. Out of all the animals, tiger and monkeys were probably her favorite to see. But the carousel was by far her favorite from going to the zoo- and we didn't even ride on it. The animal statues were also an added plus. I was surprised that she actually got more out of going to the zoo than I thought a person her age would. She was fairly interested in the animals and what they were doing. Particularly when the tiger was rawering(sp suggestions...) right next to us, it was pretty intimidating

Adelyn has also gotten pretty stubborn/silly/obnoxious/toddlerish. I have noticed she is starting to test her boundaries more and see what she can get away with. I don't really like seeing that mischievous look in her eye, though I better get used to it- I'm sure it's here to stay. For the most part she's really good, but she doesn't hide her frustration when she doesn't get what she wants. In the picture below, I put those chairs there several months ago to prevent her from taking out all my rip-able of yesterday I have to think of something else.

She thinks the shorts on her head is a hat.

I recently got called as ward music chorister- I lead the music on Sundays- which is a pretty humbling calling since I have done a lot more of singing and accompanying than leading. Actually besides FHE and an occasional young women's sub- that's been about it! Fortunately I have a very musically talented mom who also has the same calling in her ward! So that helps. Anyways, during the first Sunday I lead, I got up for the last song and Addie spotted me and started laughing her obnoxious laugh- like we were playing hide and go seek or something- and wouldn't stop laughing! Here she is right in the front pew giggling hysterically! Well of course I did what any nervous but humored mom does, I start cracking up too! It was the hardest thing to get myself under control during the song- fortunately Jared took her out shortly after her laughing fit, but I still had a hard time not thinking about her down there, and start giggling again!

Even though she throws fits sometimes, and is more stubborn than her parents, we still love all the fun and new things she does. We love having Adelyn around to entertain us :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Offical Hair Cut

No, I did not completely shave off all of Adelyn's beautiful curls/waves. I only trimmed her bangs since they are always in her face (measured down to her nose) and she won't keep any type of cute hair accessories in. So here are some pictures from her first hair cut.


After: (If you look closely you might be able to see a glistening tear drop :()

Bummer is, that Addie was freaked out by the whole thing and crying hysterically and moving all over the place. So neither my mom (my coach through all this) nor I, am really sure where her hair that we cut, went! Maybe next time I cut her hair again I'll have to save that little bit.