Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Adelyn was feeling pretty confident today and did this numerous times all over the place wherever we went!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Addie has been really into pushing things lately. Buckets, boxes, you name it! At the end of this video you can also see how she can say hi ("H") and wave. We will be going into the doctors next Thursday for her baby well check up and, as always, are hoping she has gained weight (or at least doubled her birth weight). When we went in last time, the doctor told us how at 4 months they want the babies to double their birth weight......well Addie is now 9 months and we're pretty sure she's not at that 16 pounds yet- but we'll see!

All of a sudden Adelyn has a fear of baths/bath water. Don't be fooled by this picture taken a month ago! She love hitting the tub and watching it fill up with water. But is not so fond of getting in- especially when she slips around in the slightest or gets any water in her face. She's never been that fond of bath time but now it seems she has a phobia. Have any helpful suggestions?
By the way Addie finally got her first tooth!! Came in two days before her 9 month birthday and we think she's working onto the one next to it. The tooth has just barely surfaced so I'll post pictures when there is something to see :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Remember that huge engineering test that Jared had to take in April? The one that consumed any spare time Jared had each and everyday of the week? The test that made Adelyn look at Jared like, "oh yeah.... I remember you- haven't seen ya in awhile!" because he left for work early and didn't return home until at least 10 nightly. For three long months. Yes, that wonderful exam has been gnawing away at Jared (and myself in fear that we all might have to go through it all again) as we've awaited the results.

So on Monday when we got the mail and found the letter from "Board for Professional Engineers" we were pretty scared what might be said in that very important piece of mail. First thing we saw was a list of "Deficient, deficient, deficient" awwwwwww!!!!!! What does that mean?!?!?!? But fortunately the next page read:
Section 1: California Law & Board Rules: Pass
Section 2: Civil Seismic Principles: Fail
Section 3: Civil Engr Surveying: Pass
Section 4: Civil 8 Hour: Pass


The "deficient" part was describing Section 2, which he failed- but we don't care about since 1. he knew he wouldn't be able to pass that one having NO experience or knowledge for that subject and 2. Jared doesn't need to pass it since Arizona doesn't require it to be a professional engineer!

I am just soo proud of him! This test is the equivalent of a Doctor passing his Boards and most engineers don't pass it the first time taking it. We are so excited that this is done and over with fantastic results! What a relief!! Great job hun! I love you!!!!!

On a different note, my amazing husband also barbecued some pretty delicious shiskabobs last week that tasted amazing! Jared cooked mahi mahi, bacon wrapped chicken, and shrimp. Here are some pictures from that night:



What a delicous dinner! I really hit the jack pot by marrying such a good cook!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jumpin' Addie

My Aunt Jeanette let us borrow her Johnny Jumper, and it looks like Addie likes it better than the first time she tried it out at the Jeppson's house!

Though from the video, she looks like she's doing an Irish Jig.....at least she knows her heritage!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fabulous Fourth

This fourth of July weekend was great! Jared had both Friday and Monday off, making it a four-day fourth! It was so nice to have him around, especially since he worked long hours up until Friday, which meant we didn't get to see him much. Addie was so thrilled to have her dad around to play!

I unfortunately forgot to take to our camera during the 4th of July celebration at my Aunt Jeanette's, so we don't have any fun pictures. But Addie did great with the loud fireworks. She was so tired, that she started falling asleep during the middle of the show! Maybe next year will bring a different reaction besides a open-mouthed stare. :)
My family came over Monday for BBQ chicken and the most exciting thing happened while they were here! Addie took her first 2 1/2 steps!!! The only bad thing is- Jared and I missed it. It was such a disappointment especially since I was holding the camera up taking her picture literally a millisecond before she walked to me! I made the mistake of looking at the picture instead of her at the exact WRONG time! Oh well, it sure was exciting though! This is the picture I took RIGHT before she took her first steps.

In addition to nearly walking, Adelyn is also:
~waving on command
~knows it's herself in the mirror (as of about a month ago)
~obsessed with shaking things, she's realized everything makes different noises
~getting used to family/ strangers holding her
~very clingy with her blankie
~more than happy around babies and children, they are her favorite play-mate
~mimicking activities Jared and I do
~whining to eat all our food(but not her baby food)
~thinks having objects on people's head it a really fun game
~loving hide and seek
~feeding herself (also includes anything that's not food)
~saying, "da-da" but not at Jared

**As a side note: Addie walked 3 steps to me the day after, (Tuesday) so it wasn't such a disappointment for too long. She's been trying to walk ever since Monday.....are we ready for a walker already????

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jones 50th Anniversary!

My grandparents (on my mom's side) just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! So, all they wanted were for their children (who live all over) to come out to celebrate with them. My aunt Jeanette did a wonderful job of planning the meeting point, activites, meals, you name it! We met up in Park City, Utah at a ski resort, where we stayed for 3 days. Unfortunately, Jared's switch of jobs left him without enough time off work to go. But Addie and I bummed a ride with my parents so that we could see family we hadn't seen in a long time (or in Addie's case- never seen). It was a week long trip since we cut the 12+ hour drive in half each day up and back. While we were there, we got to take a 5 generation picture! How often does that happen?? VERY neat! Here are just some of the 133 pictures I decided to post.

Dia de los Padres

I know this is a little bit of a delay since Father's day was 2 weeks ago. But we've been pretty busy around here! Even though this is a a little belated, I didn't want my appreciation of my father, Jared, and all father's go unnoticed.
I love my father dearly and all he has taught me and done for me and continues to do for me. He is such an example with his calm and kind mannerisms, yet able to dish out some mad skills on the court playing basketball. Growing up, I had guys my age tell me how good my dad was at basketball, especially for his age(which isn't very old ;)). One of my fondest memories is from when I was about 8 yrs. old and my dad and I getting up really early (6 am) to go pick corn for the church. As sad as this is, I was pretty annoyed when my younger sister started coming along, only because she spoiled the precious time I had alone with my dad. In younger years, my dad used to have "Father's council" on Sundays, which were probably supposed to be some serious discussion, but basically my dad and I used that one-on-one time just to talk. I loved it. When I got older, my dad would help me maintenance my car by, checking the oil for me and pumping up the tires. Or, just offering "guy advice" during the years of dating.
My dad was always a guide when choosing someone to marry. Which is why I love seeing things that Jared does for Adelyn, that are similar for what my dad did for me. This year was Jared's first official father's day! I was particularly excited for this father's day, since I'd spent a lot of time making a project I'd seen on a friend's blog. Now, I'm really not crafty so this didn't turn out nearly as good as Hillary's did. However, I was satisfied with it and proud that it hadn't turned out a complete disaster. I did 10 things that "i notice" Jared does for Adelyn and me with pictures on the side. It's a good project because, depending how crafty you are, you can make it very simple or jazz it up. It also is good at letting your spouse know that kind deeds are noticed and appreciated.

Adelyn got Jared some socks (she put her personal touch but eating them- tags and all, before we'd even reached the check out line). And we also bought him wii Super Mario brothers (without Danielle and Brad to play with, I couldn't resist:)). With a good pot roast, presents and a good husband, I think all of us were glad to have a day to celebrate fathers. I love you dad and Jared! Happy father's day!