Monday, August 23, 2010

10 months

Yesterday was Adelyn's 10 month birthday- can you believe it?? I just look at her and cannot even imagine her being small enough just to lay there! I can't believe she was ever an infant- she seems like a toddler to me now! Here are some fun pictures/videos of Addie! Oh, and if you notice a re-occurring theme of pant less or no clothes it's because of two reasons: 1.) It's too darn hot here, if we could all get away with no clothes- we would. and 2.) What baby doesn't enjoy running around naked?? Adelyn is no exception.

Addie is getting too smart for her own good. Just this morning I put her down for her morning nap in just her diaper and favorite blanket (explanation above). After she woke up, she did her usual playing and then was dead silent. Which only leaves you wondering until you find out why. I come into her room finding this scenario: A cute baby with a very pleased look on her face completely and undeniably NAKED. It doesn't take me very long to notice- not only her blanket on the floor, but her very wet diaper. Heaven only knows how long she'd been playing with it before tossing it over board! And this fun scene could only be complete with a few drops of pee on her crib sheets. Yes, this is Addie, this is what nearly every day is like around the Bass house. Anyone want to visit??

Saturday, August 14, 2010


So, as weird as this sounds, I've been dying to put Adelyn in the laundry basket Grandma Cindi got for us when she came to visit last November. It's a big basket with wheels and a handle, and one day I just started thinking how funny it would be to plop Addie inside and take her for a ride. I thought she'd get freaked out, so i never did.....until this week. Does this make me a bad parent??? :)

Result: she didn't really care. After just waking up, she had an expression like, "sure, go ahead and laugh....whatever makes you happy". But I thought it was pretty cute :) Good thing I have a daughter who is a good sport about all my crazy ideas!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Personality Shining

Addie's personality is really starting to surface as she gets older and older. Jared and I decided she is the kind of baby who really concentrates on figuring things out. She's very dedicated to solving anything that she doesn't immediately understand. Here are some pictures and videos where you can see the different sides of Addie.

The slap-happy side:

The intelligent side: (picking a book)

The lazy side: (remote in hand)

The "Jared Bass" side:

The adventurous side:

The silly side:
Whichever side we get, we love having Adelyn in our family!