Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So, Addie has been pretty terrible at eating breakfast lately. What's new- she's never been an eater. But this particular morning she didn't want to eat anything I wanted to feed her...including offers of making breakfast (which is not my forte).

Me: Do you want rice crispies?
Addie: no
Me: How about oatmeal?
Addie: no
Me: eggs?
Addie: no, no eggs!
Me: birthday cereal?
Addie: no, no birthday cereal!

You get the point, and as typical as this conversation has become lately, this particular morning I was pretty darn say the least. I hope that I'm not the only parent that gets so frustrated that I feel like telling her, "Fine! Just never eat and never gain weight- less work for me anyways!". So I decided to take her potty (we are all potty trained now!) and while she was sitting there I used that time to tell her how disgruntled I was.

Me: Addie, it's not nice to always say no. You need to eat your breakfast so that you can grow. You hurt mommy's feelings. No more saying, "no" you need to eat. Do you understand?
Addie: silence
Me: Adelyn, you need to eat. When we're done going potty you need to tell me something you will eat.
Addie: silence
Me: Adelyn, you are making mommy sad, I really want you to eat. You need to be nice to mommy
Addie:.......I'm sorry mommy

*Cue "awww" from a Full House episode*

It made me melt, maybe it doesn't mean anything else to anyone, but I want to remember that since it was so sweet. Yes, my two year old know how to give a thoughtful "sorry" and that means a lot to me since she knew I needed it. Thank you Addie.

And no, I wasn't very upset after that- kids have a way of calming you down when you stop to talk about it.

Thanksgiving/Oak Creek Canyon

Friday, my parents, Karrett, and us went on a hike in Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona (about a 1 1/2 hour drive north) which proved to be an example of how horrible I can be at not anticipating problems. I brought new pants for Addie- fortunately- since she somehow soaked through her pants and diaper...just on the drive up! Still not sure how or why she did that. But I didn't have any other change of clothes for anybody- including Dallin...what mess could he possibly do??? Well as you guessed it, that was my big mistake since we got to our stopping spot on the hike (where we usually turn around) to discover that Dallin was dripping from the diaper. Ahhh!! Yes, he also soaked through his diaper poor kid, and I had no extra clothes for him....and it was very cold without any sun. Yes,yes I felt like a terrible mom- shouldn't I just expect that EVERYTHING will go wrong in hopes to be prepared enough. Hopefully our kids can
survive into adulthood despite my stupidity!
It was really nice to be out in nature again, though and the kids did really well. Dallin stayed in the backpack content as a cucumber and Addie pretty much wanted to be carried the entire way. Things did get a little tricky when we headed on our way back (still hiking) since it was definitely nap time by that point. But considering the fatigue- she did really well.
Besides all that mess, we had a lot of fun (except when Dallin screamed the entire way back home) and it was nice spending that time with my family!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My friend recently wrote about a post she found where the person took things she was ungrateful for, and turned them into things she could be grateful. I decided to give it a try this year!

~I am grateful for so many diaper changes since it gives me a few seconds of individual quality time with my children

~I am grateful that Jared has to work late so that I am reminded that we are lucky he has a job.

~I am grateful for toys littering the house because it means Addie was enjoying being a kid and wasn't glued to the TV

~I am grateful to get up in the night with Dallin since it means he is alive and well

~I a grateful to make dinner every night because it teaches me to serve my family

~I am grateful for a snoring husband because I have my love to share a bed with

~I am grateful that sick Addie is giving Dallin kisses because she is learning to care for her brother (though I wish she could hold off until she didn't have the cold anymore)

~I am grateful for my talk this Sunday so I have an excuse to research a gospel topic

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

When They're Silent, You Go Searching

I think that Adelyn has hit that mischievous stage, where she'll go off and do things really quietly. Which always seems so nice- until you discover what it was they were up to. Some are harmless- others not so much.
~On one occasion, I left her on the toilet to go tend to Dallin. I come back to find that she'd wrapped herself in toilet paper. How she managed to become a mummy in that margin of a time- I will never know!
~Lately, when she decides she wants to use the bathroom, or wants to take a bath, I find a scene similar to the one below:
~ Addie also likes to color on things she's not supposed to or get into things she knows she's not allowed to have- so when I come over, she very innocently says, "Look what I found, Mommy!" or "Here ya go Mommy!".....just like when she figured out how to open my mascara....

Friday, November 4, 2011


I just can't get over how bubbly Dallin is already! He loves to smile (even in the middle of the night) and laughs easily. With Adelyn, you basically had to hire a comedian, bring in a circus, and exert all the energy you had just to make her laugh (little bit of exaggeration, but you get the point). It shocks me daily how different they are! Dallin sure loves to listen and watch Addie wherever she goes- he can point out her voice to perfection, and pays more attention to her than an of the rest of us. Addie loves him too, she'll share her blankets and dolls with him, and continually tries to give him water from her sippie, but other than that he's still not as exciting as a playmate for her. In some ways I wish he'd hurry and grow up so they could play together, but then I don't want him to get any bigger- i love the stage he's in! I actually caught myself thinking up ways to prevent him from growing up....pathetic, right??

Adelyn is singing like crazy lately! Her favorite songs are usually Christmas ones but in addition to Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman she sings Mickey Mouse, I am a Pizza, and Barney song. It's pretty cute! I love to hear her cute little voice.

Dallin is three months and just rolled over for the first time this week! He also loves to sit in the bumbo now. We tried rice cereal yesterday, but he wasn't a fan. I'll have to mix it with breast milk and maybe he'll like that better. He also enjoys the daily walks we've been going on, as does Addie. She's usually jabbering the whole time about every little thing she sees or has ever seen. We've been talking about picnics whenever we see benches, so yesterday I decided to just take them there to have dinner. Addie could barely contain her excitement and she ate like a champ! Maybe we'll have to start eating there regularly so that she'll eat more! :)
And don't mind Adelyn appearing to pick her nose in this least she's not feeding that to Dallin!

Halloween 2011

This year was a lot of fun since it was Adelyn's first year really getting excited about the holidays and also because we decided to do a family theme for our costumes. Adelyn was Tinkerbell, Dallin was Peter Pan, I was Wendy and Jared was John. I'm not too big on spending a ton of money for 1 or 2 uses, so I bought Addie's fairy costume at TJ Maxx for $10, Dallin's was a clearance shirt from Walmart, and I got Jared and my nightgowns at Goodwill. Top hats are hard to come by, so we created it from foam. Maybe I should have spent more money on the costumes- rarely anybody understood what we were (Does nobody watch Peter Pan 14 billion times like we have?!?!'s one of Addie's favorites)- but as I mentioned above, I am cheap!
Adelyn was pretty freaked out with anything to do with spiders, skeletons, or flashing lights, but did okay as long as we held her. She just clung on for dear life, poor thing! The trunk or treat was really fun to see all our friends there dressed up, and it helped Addie get the gist of trick or treating. In fact, yesterday the door was closed to the bathroom so Addie tried to get it open first, then simply knocked and said, "trick or treat!". Haha she cracks me up sometimes!
We also went trick or treating around our neighborhood, but that turned out uneventful since there were hardly any trick or treaters besides us and our LDS neighbors. Plus, didn't seem like the neighbors really wanted to get into it either. There were a scarce amount of houses that even had their lights on! Next year we might just go somewhere else. It seems to me that the Halloween tradition of trick or treating is kinda dwindling- is that everyone else's experiences too?
Well we had fun, and it was good getting to know some of our neighbors. Plus, Addie had fun (Dallin just liked being held and getting to look around) and that's all that matters, right?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Two years ago

Two years ago, a baby girl was born to two very anxious parents who had no idea how much change accompanies such a small bundle. I remember one of the nurses saying as she took our newborn, "Oh, this is a dramatic one!" and thinking why did she have to blurt out such a rude comment- especially when I'd just pushed her out and therefore wasn't in much of a humored mood. Though now, I wish i could hunt that nurse down to tell her that she couldn't have been more spot two years old, our little Adelyn is still a dramatic one!

I still can't fathom how quickly two years has passed and how many stages she's gone through that have turned her into a child so different from even her last birthday! I feel like i can't keep up with all the cute things she does and says- they come and go so quickly- so i just decided to write some of her favorites as of Saturday. I actually wrote down ahead of time what I thought her answers would be.....and you can see for yourself how well I actually know her :). First answer is mine, second is her response.
Addie's favorite:

Movies: Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, The Sword in the Stone
~watch Poppins (one point for the mama!)

TV Shows: Elmo's world, Mickey mouse Clubhouse

~Aladdin (not exactly a show.....but she's two after all)

Song: Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph

~"Listen to Poppins song?"

Color: Pink

~red (close enough, right??)

Food: Fruits and veggies

~"Eat pop pop?" (translation- otter pop)

Treat: Otter Pops and fruit snacks

~"Trick or treat coming!"

Toy: Prince and Princess figurines

~"Share with Charlie" and later "Princess"

Book: Polar Express Board Book

~Winnie the Pooh Book

Well apparently I don't know my daughter as well as I thought....we'll try again next year!
For her birthday we picked up balloons and decorated them all over the house and in her room while she was sleepig. We got the idea from Addie's friend's parents, Kiya and Chase, and we figured it would be fun for her since Adelyn loves balloons. I was a little disappointed that I jumped in the shower when she happened to wake up, so I missed it. But I made Jared promise to record it so I could see how excited she was supposed to be (she let me down on the excitement level, but I guess she'd just woken up, so I'll cut her some slack). She did however, enjoy playing with the balloons all day and carried them around everywhere.
That night we had Jared's french toast (her favorite meal) for dinner and invited my family to celebrate with us. She had cupcakes for her treat and then we went onto presents (which are always the most exciting thing anyways). Jared and I got her figurines to play with- she is really into playing with those lately. And my parents got her a fun pretend food set. Grandma Cindi sent a cute sparkle princess cat card with money inside so we can go pick out something fun! I think Adelyn really enjoyed her birthday and gifts.
Addie, we're so glad you were sent to our family and we love you so much! Happy birthday!
P.S. Adelyn kept saying "happy birthday dear Addie!".....from the birthday song, she is really picking up on lyrics lately and will often be caught singing lines from random tunes. Funny girl!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

You Make Me Smile

The kids are growing up too quickly, I have to put up new pictures as a record for me so I can remember how little they used to be. Each week I'm amazed as to how much they learn and grow- it's new faces, phrases, mannerisms, and personality traits every day. Love these kids and love being there for every moment they go through a new stage of their life. Isn't life as a parent wonderful?? Don't get me wrong, we have our fair share of frustrating days, but these special smiles and hugs make it all worth it! Purposely skipping out on all this is a mystery to me!
For some reason this picture didn't flip like it should have- bummer, I love this picture of Dallin

P.S. notice Addie's unique sense of style?? she always dresses up with a tutu and hat. The hat is a MUST with her :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Elder Bywater

My brother recently put in his papers to serve a mission and he got his letter about 3 weeks ago. Here is the video of where he got called to!

Jared is really excited that Spencer is going to Argentina since that's where he went too, and it's been fun hearing him tell Spencer all about the country. Spencer will be serving in the boundary next to the one Jared served at, so I'm sure they'll have lots to chat about once he gets out there!
Even though I am so proud that Spencer has made this decision to serve the Lord and church, I can't help feeling pretty sad at the same time. Spencer and I get along really well, and have a way of relating well to each other. Spencer can also make me laugh like no one else can- we both have a quirky sense of humor I guess. I'm trying not too think too much about him leaving, which wont be until February 1st- but in the meantime, I'm taking advantage of as much Spencer time as I can! I will really miss him.

Congrats Spencer! I love you!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011