Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If I end up in a phsyco ward....

I know some traits get passed down from generation to generation much easier than others. Does being stubborn have to be one of them?? I almost think it's possible that Addie is more stubborn than Jared and I combined, plus generations of the women on my mothers side- which is not an easy task. I can't complain too much, Adelyn is really good most of the time, and she's hardly more difficult than an average 15 month old. But lately she decided she doesn't need to take naps- guess what....I still do. I don't think she's caught onto the fact that a happy mother means she sleeps when she sleeps. But no, Addie flat out refuses to sleep. She will fall asleep within minutes in the car, even sitting in her stroller(after a hysterical meltdown) - but won't do it in her crib, and definitely not laying next to me anymore. It's not fun nor delightful, and a 7 minute car ride is not considered a nap! Please, please write me any suggestions! I left her in her crib to "work it out herself" today and it's taken nearly an entire hour for her to stop screaming like her arm is being chopped off. Really?? Is it that bad to take a nap??? Well now that she has finally stopped screaming- it's now my nap time. Hopefully we don't have to go through this tomorrow too.

Oh and another reason to go insane: we can't find out camera battery charger ANYWHERE! which means no, I didn't get any pictures of Jared's 30th birthday, and no, I can't take any pictures of Addie when she is actually being really cute (which is sort of rare lately hence not napping). Grrrrr... so don't expect any fun pictures for awhile, I can't think of a place that I haven't looked for it yet.


Amber said...

Megan went on napping strikes at different times and it's so hard to see them so cranky when you know they could be happy if they'd just sleep.
Megan would often cry for 45 minutes only to sleep for just 30 minutes (drove me nuts). And on days where you really need the nap, just change her, put her safe in her crib, and turn off the monitor and close the doors between rooms so at least you can nap even if she struggles.
Will Addie stay asleep if she falls asleep in the car and you carry her inside? b/c that's worth a 15 minute car ride if she'll sleep for an hour.
Lots of outside play helps make Megan sleepy too.
Sometimes they need to change up when they go down a little--for a while Megan's best nap was from 10:30 am to noon. Nowadays it's from 1 to 2.
Megan's over 3 now and still naps about 80% of the time, we have "quiet time" w/her in her room for 2 hours every afternoon, whether she sleeps or not.
Good luck! And remember, everything is a phase w/kids, so the bad ones will eventually end and the good ones will too (so enjoy them while they last).

Brad and Danielle said...

Oh what a pain! I'm sorry. Connor has always been a lot like Brad in that he has to have sleep or he is non-functional and he doesn't fight us too much on it.

When he does fight, though, it's usually on the days we stay in all day and it helps a lot to run him ragged outside, even for just 30 minutes or so when I know he's tired. Do you have a park nearby with a bench that you can sit while she runs safely? Or go for a walk and let her walk too instead of being in her stroller (although that will create more work for you, too, having to chase her around).

I'm sorry! I hope this helps a little! When it comes down to it though, and you need a nap, I agree with Amber that you just close the doors and turn off the monitor. I've had to do that a few times when I'm at my wit's end.

Brewer's Ink said...

"If I end up in a psycho ward . . . at least I would get some good sleep!"

Hang in there! I really can't say anything different than Amber & Danielle; they summed it up nicely. You have to take care of you, and Addie has to learn to take care of herself, even if she does scream for an hour. This is normal (irritating! but normal), and it will pass, change & evolve. Welcome to Motherhood!

AND. . . if all else fails, and you do end up in a psycho ward, please call me first, and I'll join you! I could use the rest!