Monday, February 21, 2011

The dreaded word

It pretty much drives me nuts when kids learn to say "no". Especially when children learn to say it at a young age and then spit it at you when they don't want to do something. So it was my personal goal not to use that word unless she was doing something dangerous in hopes that she wouldn't learn that word. I have to say that my efforts worked better than I thought, considering we got this far (16 months tomorrow) but she learned to shake her head "no" first and that was actually sort of cute. But all of a sudden she started saying my dreaded word. Jared pointed out that it didn't help that her favorite book is "NO David"- which if you haven't read it, it's about David who gets into trouble and his mom tells him no on every page. Anyway, now she says it. Recently, tantrums are her new favorite (not mine) which are more difficult for me than I thought they would be- but only because I miss my little baby-the one who didn't throw tantrums. Good thing we are having another one I guess :) At least Adelyn gives hugs voluntarily all the time, that makes most everything all better!

And by the way, that was NOT a tantrum.....

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Jared's been having many opportunities to go hiking lately and has enjoyed getting outdoors and challenging himself. A couple weekends back, Jared went with some friends to the Lost Dutchman State Park to hike a path called the Siphon Draw which leads up to "Flat Iron" (from what I understand it's a steep hike to a mountain that looks literally like an iron). The hike total was 6.5 miles with a 3,000 foot elevation change and no easy task! Part of the hike was climbing over rocks and bushes, rock climbing, and going up steep mountains. He was pretty exhausted when he returned! Way to go Hunny!! Here are some neat pictures Jared took while on his hike:.

By the way, we are 18 weeks now! :) I think this picture was taken two weeks ago.