Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Airplane Show

A few weeks past, Jared was going to an airplane show in Gilbert that his company was supporting, Adelyn and I decided to tag along. It was about an hour drive each way, but was well worth the trip, plus we got to meet up with Jared's friend from high school, Dave Kim and his kids (Alicia, I wish you could have come too.) Anyways, it was really neat seeing all the planes!

Although Addie has been really interested in planes lately, I was surprised that there was no way she was going to climb into one! For whatever reason she was petrified of going in and sitting on one of the little planes. Hope she gets over that before our flight to Florida!

They had this singing group for some local musical thing that came and sang from "The Sound of Music". Even though it was good, there was this lady and her young son who came and stood right in front of everyone else and directly in front of our line of vision. It sort of made me laugh since no one else cared to be right there in the middle of things, but I guess it was important to them! I made sure (she was literally in front of us) to take a picture of her to capture the memory :)
With all the neat aircraft, fire trucks, inflatable slides, and people everywhere, her favorite by far was this little beauty: it's her latest obsession.

It was a bummer Jared wasn't able to come looking at everything as much as we were, but it sure beat staying at home(plus I think Jared didn't mind skipping some studying!) I think we all had a good time!

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peachytiffers said...

This is so random, but did that young boy with the lady look like he had down syndrome? I think I know that lady!! Weird.