Monday, April 18, 2011

Playgroup Easter Egg Hunt

Our ward has weekly playgroup for women in the ward with young children and last week they were nice enough to put on a fun Easter egg hunt. Addie got the idea pretty quickly and had fun picking up all the eggs and shaking them.

I guess she got pretty tuckered out from the event because her nap was marvelous that afternoon! Maybe I should throw her an Easter egg hunt every morning! :)

don't miss out!

My sister-in-law, Jeanni, is doing a give away on her blog this week. This is great since all her stuff is ADORABLE- she is so talented! Anyway, you can win something just by going to her blog and following the directions. Good luck!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A colaboration of things

Even though it really hasn't been, life seems to be somewhat scattered lately. Jared's been doing a lot of this for the past 3 months:but we (I) are excited that he will finally be done and over with studying on Saturday!! Yay! We are praying that all his hard work will allow him to pass and not have to retake it again. Wish him luck and keep him in your prayers please! I think he's pretty done with studying...
I on the other hand have been feeling all of a sudden very motivated to get everything done, which is good since my motivation usually comes in spurts for me anyways! So I have been making lists, getting baby clothes, mending ice packs, sewing a baby blanket and bean bags, (or will do, as soon as Jared leaves, giving me nothing to do to occupy my time) organizing, and getting rid of stuff. I have also been doing a lot of growing...though I know that in 3 months time, I still have a lot of wonderful stretching to do! We are 25 weeks along (6 months) and almost at the less than 100 day countdown! Adelyn....well what hasn't she been doing/getting into? Not much. My mom and I washed my car last week and Addie was really hesitant about the whole experience until she discovered the bucket of "bubbies"(bubbles). Then she thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It's a good thing I changed her into play clothes before we started since she got SOAKED! Some friends invited Adelyn and I to a children's gym last week so we decided to try it out for the first time....Addie still asks about her "jump a jump" place. She pretty much had the time of her life. I couldn't get very many good pictures since she was just climbing all over everything before I could get ones with her face looking towards me. She particularly liked the foam pit. There was a big pit/pool of foam cubes where you could throw your child into it, and Adelyn really liked to wallow around in there.

Even though I'm pretty against children watching too much TV, I've recently become aware that there are certainly benefits of it too. Adelyn is obsessed with these series called "Baby Signing Time" where they teach young children sign language. I like it because she actually picks up on the signs they teach, and I learn new ones to help Addie with too! Unfortunately, Addie could literally watch this show all day long...and even though it's tempting to get a lot done while she's watching, I'm not sure that's the best for her to do all day, everyday. Here is a picture of how into it she gets- she will sit like this EVERY TIME she watches it. She also likes Teletubbies and Barney, but not nearly as much.
Last week for General Conference we did a combined Saturday breakfast with our good friends, the Graffs then watched conference at their place while their son, Austin, and Addie played. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, but Sunday morning we took some when Jared made his traditional conference breakfast! Jared makes french toast stuffed with muenster cheese, and this time I think was his best ever! To our surprise, Adelyn gulped it down...almost an entire piece(this is a breakfast not for the faint of heart)! Addie usually doesn't eat that much at one sitting (she's more of a snacker) so I guess she really loved it! Below is Addie sitting in her Elmo chair all ready for Baby Signing Time- we had to keep telling her we were watching the Prophet instead. It didn't keep her attention nearly as well, so at one point we ended up doing an Easter egg hunt in the middle of Conference. :) Jared and I enjoyed the chance to hear what little of Conference we got to soak in!