Monday, April 18, 2011

Playgroup Easter Egg Hunt

Our ward has weekly playgroup for women in the ward with young children and last week they were nice enough to put on a fun Easter egg hunt. Addie got the idea pretty quickly and had fun picking up all the eggs and shaking them.

I guess she got pretty tuckered out from the event because her nap was marvelous that afternoon! Maybe I should throw her an Easter egg hunt every morning! :)


Jesica and Chris Fowler said...

So stinkin cute! We had family in town so I'm sad to say we missed it but it looks like Addie had fun :)

Brewer's Ink said...

She looks SO cute - so spring-like, with those flowers in her hair and on her feet.

Brad and Danielle said...

She looks SO CUTE!! LOVE her little dress. So cute for Easter. :)

I so wish we lived closer to you guys!! We miss you!