Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beginning of Florida Trip

Since we spent over a week in Florida, I thought I would break it all up into sections so it didn't end up being one massive post. The beginning of the trip started out really well- Adelyn was really excited to be on an airplane and was glued to looking out the window almost the entire time. Fortunately, we were sitting next to a really nice lady who let Addie sit on her lap so she could see better. We thought it was pretty funny that Adelyn just made herself right at home!
Jared's mom, Cindi, picked us up from the airport and was nice enough to drive us around and accompany us the whole trip. Thanks Cindi! We went to Magic Kingdom the first day and Animal Kingdom the second day. Here are some pictures from the Magic Kingdom. Jared and I were surprised that there were a lot of rides that are different than in the California Disneyland, so that made it fun for us to point out the differences we could find!

***By the way, if you have a child around Adelyn's age and plan on taking them to Disneyland any time soon, be smarter than us and don't take your child on a scary ride first. We went onto Pirates of the Caribbean ride first to escape the heat...and after that Addie didn't trust us to go on any other rides. Poor thing cried every time she realized we were in a line for a ride- even for Small World! :(
Kyle(Jared's brother) and Jessica(Kyle's wife) with their new baby Taegan, came and went with us to Animal Kingdom too which was really fun, except that Addie had diarrhea and wouldn't eat, so that was pretty stressful, but we still managed to go see shows and ride the rides and enjoy ourselves! An added bonus: there were a lot of trees to provide a lot of shade!

Before Addie started feeling good and miserable, she got nice and soaking wet at this little splash pad they had. I think we were all a little jealous that she could get that wet without looking funny- I know I sure wanted to jump in with her!

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