Friday, May 13, 2011

Gasparilla Island

Our third and fourth day were spent in a beach house with Jared's two brothers and their wives and kids. It was so much fun to be able to see and spend time with them again! Jared's mom and husband own a house on an island called Little Gasparilla so it is always fun to go visit and see all the neat things there. On the boat ride there, you can usually spot dolphins and there are all sorts of wildlife on the island. They have cute turtles and Jared and I got to see our first armadillos there too!! Man, are they noisy! They also have a wide variety of bugs- though I don't think anyone enjoys seeing those! :)

Adelyn wanted nothing to do with the beach the first day and screamed and cried and was terrified whenever we brought her close to the water. Only when we went back later to see the sunset, were we able to convince her we were not going to make her go in the water, so we actually got some cute pictures.

This was the cutest thing ever! I guess Kalin decided he would help Adelyn be more brave or something, but it was the sweetest thing for him to take her hand and lead her towards the water. What a good cousin!

Despite her terror of the beach the first day, we didn't push her as much the second day and she actually let us bring her into the ocean to splash and play. I would like to say she actually enjoyed it! It always helps to have family around to help make the situation less scary :)

Addie is the first gran baby on my side so unfortunately she doesn't have any cousins (and probably won't for awhile). But on Jared's side she has TONS! I think that was a definite plus to visiting family in Florida, she really had fun playing with her cousins!

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